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      Why US CMA is One of the Top Management Accounting Courses

      An accounting professional’s certificate of choice is US Certified Management Accountant (US CMA). This internationally recognised professional degree conferred by the Institute of Management Accountants (IMA), a US-based organisation, certifies one’s proficiency in crucial financial planning and management topics. 

      The US CMA certification is a global benchmark for Management Accountants. Candidates must pass two exams to obtain the US CMA certification

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      Qualifications Required for US CMA

      Students can begin CMA preparation after finishing their last year of high school. However, you must have a bachelor’s degree, pass both parts of the CMA exam, and have two years of work experience to get certified as a CMA.

      Many industry insiders favour this course since it has a condensed syllabus covering business management and finance. It is a comprehensive approach that provides academic knowledge and practical case study training. You join an exclusive group of experts in the field of finance and accounting when you get the CMA Certification

      Skills Required for US CMA

      The following skills are mandatory for an aspiring US CMA professional:

      • Analysing finances
      • Analysing problems with cost accounting
      • Verbal and written communication
      • Abilities in mentoring and management
      • Flexibility plus attention to detail

      Test Format

      The US CMA exam has a straightforward structure. A student may pass both exams in 6 to 9 months with just a few hours each day of study time.

      The test has two parts, A and B, each covering a specific set of topics.

      Part A- Financial Planning, Performance, and Analytics

      Part B- Strategic Financial Management

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      After US CMA, You Can Consider These Job Profiles

      A US CMA-certified professional is eligible for the following job roles:

      • Business Analyst: A Business Analyst must gather historical and current company data to develop business plans. Every organisation needs a Business Analyst since they enhance the decision-making process.

      You can build a career as a Business Analyst after earning your US CMA, especially if you have management expertise. 

      Average Salary of a Business Analyst


      • In-house Auditor: Internal auditing is a crucial procedure that aids in assessing an organisation’s internal controls and business procedures. An Internal Auditor is a qualified individual tasked with evaluating the business and financial operations of the organisation. You can enrol in the Certified Internal Auditor programme along with the US CMA.

      Average Salary of an Internal Auditor


      • Budget Analyst: To maintain track of the accounting data, you will be expected to manage the company’s expenses and purchases as a Budget Analyst. You may work as a Budget Analyst anywhere in the world with a US CMA certification

      Average Salary of a Budget Analyst


      • Account Analyst: Account analysis involves overseeing client accounts, from reviewing financial data to processing transactions. Account Analysts typically assist companies in managing their client accounts. To stay current with the latest trends, an Account Analyst must regularly undertake industry research and keep up with market developments.

      Average Salary of an Account Analyst


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      Perks of a US CMA Qualification

      The following are some significant benefits of pursuing US CMA:

      Opportunities for Professional Advancement

      CMA candidates have better entry-level roles and opportunities for promotion than college graduates without additional credentials. Your CMA certification indicates your commitment to managing the accounts and performing more than just accounting. Moving up into management is simple with a US CMA certification.

      Improved Salary

      Being a US CMA allows you higher pay than other applicants, which is another perk. This is because US CMA-certified professionals advance more quickly into management after gaining experience. Even when they switch positions, they get higher raises because they are in high demand in the job market.

      Global Opportunities

      One of the obvious advantages of the US CMA is that this certification is recognised globally. Even if you are a fresh graduate with a great career at home, you must receive a CMA USA certification to work overseas. 

      More Authority and Worth

      A CMA certification equips you to better understand business, money, and accounting, giving you more influence and value as an employee. Your opinions will be valued, and you’ll swiftly rise to the position of a valuable management team member. Candidates with a CMA certification have higher chances of becoming a CFO afterwards. 

      Business Lure

      The fundamental advantage of the CMA is that it seamlessly blends business and accounting. Therefore, candidates who have obtained the CMA certificate can make decisions on behalf of the company or participate in group decisions. They are assigned critical roles within a company because they are business savvy.

      Finance proficiency 

      A CMA’s responsibilities are more specialised than those of a typical Accountant. Your professional abilities will grow if you routinely manage risk, make critical investment decisions, and analyse and plan your budget. One of the advantages of the CMA certification is that it helps you progress professionally by enabling you to take on more managerial-level duties.


      There is ample scope for personal and professional progress, which is one of the main benefits of working in management accounting. Even if you begin working for a reputable organisation at a starting position following the US CMA, your abilities and talents will likely lead to regular evaluations and promotions. 

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      1. Why is the US CMA important?
      The CMA certification opens the doors for global opportunities. The course improves applicants’ knowledge of accounting, finance, and business, for employment opportunities on a worldwide scale.

      2. Which is better, CMA US or CIMA?
      The US CMA focuses on financial accounting and strategic management, and CIMA is an accounting qualification in business and finance. While CIMA is a desired credential to work in the UK or Europe, CMA is more widely recognised in the US.

      3. In which country CMA course is best?
      There is now a substantial need for Certified Management Accountants (CMA) in the US, and there are several prospects for professional advancement. You can check out the online CMA course at Zell Education to earn the reputed credential.


      Satyamedh Nandedkar, a seasoned finance professional, holds ACCA, CA, US CMA & CS credentials. With 10+ years of experience, he’s a master ACCA tutor, IFRS trainer, adept in global financial standards, and a trusted advisor in navigating complex financial landscapes.

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