5 Things to Keep in Mind Before Preparing for US CMA Exam [2022 Updated List]

The CMA degree, also known as the Certified Management Accountant credential, is a globally-recognised management accounting certification for accountants and financial professionals. Awarded by the Institute of Management Accountants (IMA), USA, CMA includes two exams with a curriculum designed to test aspirants’ management accounting skills. This short-term, 6 to 9 months course is highly preferred by those who want to get into financial management, financial controlling, budget analysis, forensic auditing, or compliance management.

Clearing the US CMA exam is commendable, and successful candidates get awarded one of the world’s highest and most prestigious management accounting designations.

But how to study for the US CMA exam? Although passing the US CMA exam can be challenging, the global exposure and credibility this specialised degree earns is worth the investment. If you wish to achieve this qualification but are unsure how to prepare for the CMA USA exam, here’s a blog to help you.

Strategies on how to clear the US CMA exam

1. Understand the US CMA examination

Understanding the examination will help you set achievable goals and complete your preparation on time. The qualifying score for the CMA exam is 360 out of 500. Before you begin your preparation, understand the units you need to cover and the areas that need maximum attention. Focus on completing at least 80-85% of the syllabus. You can also get your hands on the US CMA resource guide to get a better understanding of the learning process.

2. Identify your learning style

Each person has a unique learning style, and there is no one-size-fits-all approach. Once you have set your study goals, understand your personal learning style to figure out how to study for the US CMA exam. You could be a visual learner (learning by seeing), an auditory learner (learning by hearing), or a tactile learner (learning by doing things). You just need to identify your learning style and dedicate all your energies to it.

3. Choose Zell Education as your learning partner

Preparing alone for a competitive global examination is not only scary but can also be boring. That’s why you need a learning partner like Zell Education that helps you prepare for the exam through relevant case studies, gamified notes, mock tests and exams, interactive class delivery modes. 

4. Simulate the real exam experience 

The most effective way to boost exam confidence regardless of your learning style is by taking mock tests. Taking computer-based online mock tests is an excellent way to overcome anxiety and get a feel of the actual examination. Simulated tests will also help you identify your mistakes and weaknesses to work on them.

5. Manage your priorities

Preparing for the US CMA exam requires hard work, determination and diligence. It demands comprising and managing your priorities, such as ignoring social media or limiting outings and parties. If you are holding a full-time job or balancing family life, you must make adjustments and prioritise your studies to succeed.

6. Focus on your health

Most importantly, focus on your health and well-being. Get adequate rest and sleep to recover from the exhaustion of studying. Plan your study schedule so you don’t have to cut back on your resting time or burn yourself out trying to cram the study materials. Make it a point to eat healthily, meditate and exercise daily for improved concentration.

The CMA credential is one of the most sought-after management accounting credentials among aspiring finance professionals. While there is no upper limit on the number of times you can take the examination, having a well-thought strategy and study plan can help you clear the test on your first try. You can complete the certificate within six months to three years, depending on your study schedule. However, IMA guidelines mandate that aspirants complete the exams within three years of registration.

How to study for the US CMA exam is a question that most pursuants have. The answer to this question is through Zell Education. Zell not only provides intensive training to students but also a customised study plan. To know more about the Certified Management Accountant course click on the WhatsApp icon at the side of this blog and get in touch with our experts directly.

How do I pass CMA USA in my first attempt?

You can pass the US CMA in the first attempt by enrolling for engaging, US CMA coaching classes. Additionally, you also need to follow an efficient study plan and practice regularly through mock tests.

How many hours a CMA student should study?

As per the IMA, the student should dedicate about 150 hours of study time for each part of their US CMA exam.

Which study material is best for CMA USA?

The IMA provides students with study material that can help them prepare for the examinations. Apart from that, students can also check out some highly recommended books like Gleim US CMA Review System and Wiley CMA Exam Review 2022.

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