What Makes Zell Education The New Age Learning Platform

“The purpose behind starting a coaching institution was to broaden our student’s perspective of learning and encourage professional excellence.”Pratham Barot, Co-Founder Zell Education

The education system in our country is largely biassed towards emphasising academic success. The stark difference between the existing teaching methods and the actual skills required by students in the respective careers drove founders Pratham Barot and Anant Bengani to start Zell Education. These days, because of the structure of the academic landscape, students tend to prioritise academic and exam-oriented success over hands-on and experiential learning. While this approach has worked well in the past, it has been unable to prepare Indian students to keep up with the rapidly changing world. Now, more than ever, the country is feeling the need to prioritise industry-relevant skills over academic success.

How did it Start?

A few years ago, there wasn’t enough emphasis given to globally recognised courses like ACCA, CPA or CFA in the field of finance and accounting. Having completed ACCA himself and trained aspiring students in the same field, Pratham felt the need to start teaching such formerly unrecognised courses to students who would be interested in pursuing them. So in 2015, Pratham and Anant began teaching ACCA to smaller batches of students. Over the years, with the increasing awareness and demand for these courses, Zell has been able to influence the lives of over 10,000 students through professional courses for ACCA, CPA, CFA, and CMA. Zell has expanded their network throughout the world and is partnered with Bennett University, Mumbai Educational Trust, KC College, and many other reputed organisations. Recently, Zell has also partnered with Becker Professional Education in conjunction with Orbit Institutes for the CPA (US) and CMA (US) courses. Zell’s students have been able to land jobs in companies like KPMG, J.P. Morgan, IBM, PwC, EY and many more. 

What distinguishes Zell from other coaching institutions?

  1. Expert Faculty

    A large part of the founders’ vision with Zell was to ensure quality in teaching and mentorship. Every student enrolled at Zell is mentored by a member of the team right from the beginning of their coaching to the stage of creating resumes and preparing for job interviews. Their highly experienced faculty consists of qualified professionals that are equipped to guide students in their respective subjects and fields. The people at Zell take great efforts to ensure that the training offered by the faculty is consistent with the learning benchmarks and that the students can seamlessly navigate through the intensive curriculum. Moreover, in case of doubts and difficulties about the subjects or certain topics, students can reach out to Zell’s experts that are available 24 x 7.

  2. Relatable Case-studies

    A unique feature that makes Zell a preferred learning partner is the kind of case studies that are used to explain concepts. Most of the textual learning material of finance and accounting courses consists of repetitive examples. These examples are no longer relevant in the current industry and do little to spark curiosity in students about the subject. Since the faculty uses fresh and interesting case studies from the Indian and global economies, students have a better chance at understanding the application of the taught concepts. In addition to the examples discussed in the classroom, the experts at Zell also make efforts to share business strategies and case studies on social media platforms to keep the students interested and curious about their subjects. You can find some of the most popular case studies on YouTube and Instagram

  3. Learning Resources

    At Zell Education, an in-house Learning Management System called Nimbus is used to deliver all the courses. Nimbus allows students to have access to live lectures, past recordings, as well as to industry-relevant study material drafted by the in-house industry experts. The learning resources on the platform are infused with interactive elements like quizzes and recap notes. Based on the amount of time you can give and your studying preferences, Zell offers three different delivery options for the courses i.e. Pro, Premium and Lite. Zell Education is a Platinum-Approved Learning Provider for ACCA and also a Gold Approved Learning Provider for the Diploma in IFRS course. Institutions that are Approved Learning Providers have exclusive access to learning resources and information from the ACCA and are thus better equipped to educate students on the same.

  4. Higher Pass Rate

    An important marker of a successful coaching centre is their students’ success in these competitive examinations. While it has been historically observed that these courses can be quite challenging to clear because of the intensive study material, Zell Education has been able to consistently maintain good results from its students over their tenure. Throughout the years, Zell Education has been able to consistently help a number of students successfully clear their exams with constant guidance and support. Zell currently has a passing rate of over 75% in all of the courses provided. The hands-on practical learning tools and challenging student assignments on Nimbus help students in being better prepared for the examinations.

  5. Soft-skills Assistance and Placements

    While earning major qualifications like ACCA can help you get the necessary eligibility for a career option, it is your personality and soft skills that can help you be better at your job. Zell Education aims to guide students in accomplishing and advancing their career growth in accounting and finance. The platform provides training to students to help develop the necessary soft skills for their career such as working with MS Excel, creating presentations, etc. Apart from helping you succeed at your examinations and get industry-ready, Zell provides 100% assistance for placements and helps you work on your soft skills to land good interviews. Students can reach out to experts at Zell for career counselling, expert resume-building, as well as other pre-interview preparations like mock interviews and aptitude tests to help you get ready for your big day. Moreover, Zell’s tie-ups with leading organisations across the world can help you get the right exposure in the industry.

Why is Zell Education the right choice for you?

When planning to appear for competitive examinations or professional courses like ACCA, CPA or CFA, it is important to assess your strengths and weaknesses before making certain decisions. Such exams are usually quite challenging to study for without proper guidance, especially if you don’t have a strong accounting background. The only way to succeed at these exams is through consistent hard work and focused learning. The recommended course of action in this scenario is to enrol for a good coaching centre to guide you through all the necessary preparation. 

Zell Education has been coaching students in finance and accounting education for over half a decade and is well informed about the exam format and the right way to prepare for it. The mentorship programme of Zell is equipped to ensure that the students are putting in the necessary amount of work into their studies and are being tutored adequately about subjects that they don’t feel confident with. The seamless communication between trainers and students and a fresh new way of explaining concepts is what makes Zell Education the right learning platform for students. 

The ACCA qualification is recognized in over 180 countries including Canada, Singapore, and Australia. If you’ve made the decision to become a global CA and are contemplating your next move, we can help you take a step forward. Check out our Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) course to learn more. To advance your portfolio and build professional skills, try Zell Education’s interactive courses that offer flexible training timings. Get in touch at +91 7208885600 or email us at reachus@zelleducation.com.

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