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      Top 8 Hottest Jobs in ACCA – Top Job Roles

      Last Update On 10th June 2024
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      ACCA certification is a globally recognized credential offered by the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants since 1904. The ACCA course imparts knowledge and skills to aspiring accountancy professionals. Once you clear all the examinations, this certification course can open up many job opportunities. 

      However, a question looms large, what are the prospects for ACCA jobs in India for freshers? 

      Read on to see the top jobs you can opt for after ACCA certification.

      Top 8 Hottest Job Roles After ACCA

      Finance and accountancy roles are constantly evolving, and the employment of auditors and accountants is likely to grow by 6% from 2021 to 2031. Some of the popular ACCA jobs for freshers are:

      1. Audit Assistant

      An Audit Assistant aids in the day-to-day functions of the in-house auditing team of a company. Their job is to assist senior auditors in ensuring that companies obey tax laws and comply with best practices. They help verify that the company’s funds are allocated and used correctly.

      Audit Assistants not only create audit reports and statements for company managers but also resolve client audit queries effectively. ACCA graduates can easily pursue the entry-level position of an Audit Assistant since a significant portion of the ACCA syllabus covers auditing and finance-related subjects. 

      The average annual salary of Auditors in India is around Rs.5 lakhs.

      auditor salary 2. Risk Manager

      The portion of audit and assurance covered in the ACCA course sheds light on risk management. A Risk Manager has to assess the financial scenario of an organization and advise them on any potential risk regarding the company’s profitability, security, safety, and existence.

      They guide an organization by planning, designing, and implementing a risk management scheme. This scheme reduces potential risk factors, increases efficiency, and highlights an organization’s risk appetite. Accountants who have completed the ACCA course must be CFA certified to pursue a career in risk management.

      Risk Manager Salary

      The average annual salary of Risk Managers in India is around Rs. 9 lakhs.

      3. Tax Accountant

      Tax Accountants help organizations and individuals file tax returns and meet legal standards. The ACCA course includes a paper based on taxation that helps candidates understand the business taxation system and its impact. Hiring Tax Accountants by insurance companies, government agencies, and financial service firms is common.

      They can serve in permanent positions for organizations or work as freelancers. Tax Accountants help save money by avoiding costly income tax penalties. In addition, they guide organizations in financial management by performing audits, developing financial plans, and offering advice on asset management and investment.

      tax accountant salary

      The average annual salary of a Tax Accountant in India is around Rs.5.8 lakhs.

      4. Management Accountant 

      A Management Accountant tracks the income and expenses of an organization. Financial data preparation for use within the company is one of the key responsibilities which makes this job role different from other accounting jobs.

      Management accounting forms a crucial part of the ACCA course and helps candidates learn planning, budgeting, strategizing, and decision-making. Their reports make decision-making easy for owners, managers, or boards of directors and help identify trends and opportunities for improvement. Those with an ACCA certification must earn the Certified Management Accountant (CMA) credential to apply for this role.

      Management Accountant salary

      The average annual salary of a Management Accountant is around Rs. 9.5 lakhs.

      5. Treasurer

      A Treasurer supervises and manages all the financial aspects of an organization. They ensure that organizations have enough capital to meet their obligations. A Treasurer provides financial oversight, advice on investment opportunities, financial reporting, and budgeting. In addition, Treasurers can help companies navigate financial markets, mergers and acquisitions, and credit line negotiations.

      treasurer salary

      The average annual salary of a Treasurer in India is Rs. 18 lakh.

      6. Financial Accountant

      Financial accounting involves recording, summarizing, and reporting high volumes of transactions in an organization. Based on these pieces of information, a Financial Accountant prepares an organization’s balance sheet, income statement, and cash flow statement.

      Financial accounting is a significant aspect of the ACCA course, which helps candidates easily fit into this job role. Not only creating reports, but Financial Accountants are also responsible for providing strategies to increase profit and revenue.

      financial accountant salary

      The average annual salary of Financial Accountants in India is Rs. 3.2 lakh.

      7. Credit Controller

      A Credit Controller’s primary role is managing debt and handling an organization’s business. They are responsible for coordinating with existing creditors and supervising new requests for credits. Strong financial management and effective customer relationships are the keys to credit control.

      credit control salary

      The average annual salary of a Credit Controller in India is around Rs. 4.8 lakh.

      8. Forensic Accountant

      Forensic Accountants use their accounting, auditing, and investigating skills to examine an organization’s finances. They are mostly called upon in legal proceedings to detect fraud and embezzlement cases. Advanced taxation, audit, and financial management in the ACCA course help a Forensic Accountant to get hired by insurance companies, banks, government agencies, and police forces. 

      Besides helping in legal procedures, they also survey an organization’s assets, liabilities, and resources. Forensic Accountants also ensure the accuracy of records and financial statements of an organization. 

      forensic auditor salary

      The average annual salary of a Forensic Accountant in India is around Rs. 7.2 lakh.


      You must clear 14 professional examinations and gain three years of supervised accountancy experience to be an ACCA professional and apply for ACCA jobs. The rigorous nature of the journey prepares you for various financial job roles across organizations.

      If you are interested in pursuing the ACCA certification, check out the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants course Zell Education offers. With online interactive classes, 1:1 mentorship support, and 100% placement assistance, here’s your chance to become a global CA with ACCA.


      Which job is best after ACCA?
      It is your choice which job role you want to pursue after completing the ACCA certification course. Various job opportunities ranging from Risk Manager to Financial Accountant can come your way, and what you choose will depend on your skills and professional goals.

      Can ACCA get a job in the Big 4?
      The skillsets that you acquire after completing the ACCA certification course make you competent enough to get hired by the Big 4, which includes Deloitte, PwC, EY, and KPMG.

      Which country has the most demand for ACCA?
      ACCA graduates are in high demand and are recognised in India and the United Kingdom. Countries like Germany, New Zealand, Brazil, Singapore, and others offer various job roles to ACCA graduates.

      Does Google hire ACCA?
      Google hires financial professionals with the ACCA certification for roles like Financial Controller, Financial Accountant, and many more.


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