CFA Coaching Classes in Ahmedabad : Certification & Training Fees

Becoming a Chartered Financial Analyst is no easy journey. You’ll be met with plenty of challenges along the way that will equip you with advanced analytical skills. But well, once you’ve mastered this journey and achieved the title of a ‘Charter Holder’, every effort taken will be worth it. However, to steer in the direction of your goal, you’re going to need a coaching institute that will help strengthen your financial concepts and enable you to clear all three levels. After successfully completing your CFA course, you can enter the prestigious field of investment banking. This means every investment decision made by an individual or company would require your expertise and evaluation.

To be in this honourable position as a Financial Analyst, the coaching institute you choose really matters. A good coaching institute will not only help you gain industry-specific knowledge but also provide placement assistance. 

Here are some of the top coaching institutes for Chartered Financial Analysts in Ahmedabad you should look out for.

1. Zell Education

Zell Education is one of the leading EdTech platforms for professional education in India. This coaching institute brings you industry experts as faculty members for various subjects. Even the study material provided to students is created by the in-house subject matter experts. Zell’s unique pedagogy is based on interesting case studies and relevant situations. To engage students in the study material, Zell has prepared gamified notes so that the students can test their knowledge. What’s more? After the successful completion of the CFA exams, Zell’s wide industry network helps you get placement assistance. 

USP: Platinum Approved Learning Partner

2. Narayana Business School

Narayana Business School is a top coaching centre with PGDM courses in varied fields including finance. This institute is well known for its US CFA course in Ahmedabad. Boasting an impressive pass rate, this coaching institute is AICTE approved. This coaching centre has an expansive campus with several interactive events taking place.

USP: Practical exposure through case studies and group discussions

3. Foresight School

Foresight School is a renowned coaching institute that offers aptitude tests, finance courses, and corporate services to students and companies. This coaching centre offers the CFA course with the help of industry experts. The students are not only taught CFA concepts by existing charter holders but also mentored by them.

USP: Unlimited access to recordings

4. Navkar Institute

Navkar is a professional coaching institute that offers various finance and accountancy courses. This institute also offers an advanced CFA course to students, helping them build the skills needed to secure a high paying job. Once the students are ready to enter the financial industry, Navkar Institutes helps them with placement assistance.

USP: Placement assistance 

5. Knowledge Academy

Knowledge Academy is a leading professional coaching institute in Ahmedabad that provides practical training to aspiring Financial Analysts. This coaching centre offers professional finance and accounting courses delivered by expert faculty.

USP: Practical training

CFA Salary In The US Based On Experience:

As you embark on your learning journey to become a charter holder, make sure you know where your strengths lie in the field of finance. And then let these strengths guide you towards a successful career. However, to bring out the best in you, you’ll need a coach that prepares you for every challenge and equips you with cutting-edge, industry-specific skills. If you’re confused about your next step, you can simply reach out to us at Zell Education and get your doubts answered. Don’t hesitate, we’re just a call away! Reach out to us at +91 90046 92555.

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