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      Top 5 Benefits of Getting an ACCA Certification

      The world of accountancy is vast and full of opportunities. Once you have cleared your CA levels, the world of accountancy becomes your playing field.  You can also explore other courses that can enhance your career prospects and help you get an edge over your peers. If you are looking to expand your horizons and are seeking international opportunities as well, ACCA Certification is just the right option for you.

      How Does an ACCA Certification Benefit a CA?

      If you are a CA, opting for the ACCA Certification would be great for you as you can not only go for CA but also get exemption from 9 out of 13 papers in the ACCA qualification.

      The course would give your profession international recognition, allowing you to be prepared for a diverse set of roles in the accounting field within and outside India.

      Boosting your chance of getting a higher salary for the expertise and knowledge you bring to the table.

      Top 5 Benefits of an ACCA Certification Course

      1. It gives you a comprehensive knowledge of most things finance-related

      Pursuing ACCA can benefit a CA in several ways. Apart from adding to your academic qualifications, it gives you a comprehensive approach to mastering the skills most relevant for Chartered Accountancy. It strengthens your management abilities and as the syllabus covers some fields of study, including taxation, business studies, financial management, and others, you have a holistic view of how to approach and solve accounting problems.

      2. You get to enjoy flexibility in terms of subjects

      One of the best things about going for the ACCA Certification is getting the flexibility that it provides. The flexible nature of the entry requirements and the subject areas to choose from encourages the aspirants to take up the course. In today’s world where you need to strike a balance between your studies and your work, the course doesn’t put as much pressure on you and you can decide when you want to take the exams, how you want to study, and you can also be exempted from having to take certain papers. 

      3. It is internationally recognised

      As discussed above, an ACCA qualification has international recognition and opens up a range of opportunities throughout the world, giving you a chance to work with overseas accounting bodies, multinational organisations, other organisations like the World Bank and the United Nations, and others. So, the world does really become your oyster once you get an ACCA Certification after completing your CA. 

      4. It is cost-effective

      Education is getting more and more expensive around the world. It is partly true that you can’t put a price on knowledge or valuable skills, but when it comes to managing your expenses while at the same time paying for your education, money does matter. It’s a good thing then, that the ACCA qualification is cost-effective, and in fact, more of an investment than an expense. In a world where you have to choose whether to spend on your education or to save money for the future, it is smart to invest in a course like ACCA which gives more than it takes. 

      5. You don’t need to travel to another country to attempt the exam

      If you’re worried that you might have to go abroad to take your ACCA exam, you can relax. The exam can be taken in India as well, and now that technology has advanced and there is more awareness and development in the technical and educational field, you also have the option of taking the computer-based exam. It can be taken at various locations in India, depending on the availability of exam centres. So, you don’t need to spend on travelling to another country or for accommodation for taking this exam.

      The ACCA Certification Helps you Focus on the Following:

      • Leadership and Management
      • Governance, Risk & Control
      • Corporate Reporting
      • Strategy and Innovation
      • Audit and Assurance
      • Financial Management 

      So, a wide area of the accounting, business, and management field can be covered through ACCA, giving you the skills and knowledge that would prove to be beneficial for you no matter which sector you decide to work in. Generally, the ACCA course takes around 2 years to complete, and once you get your certification, the salary may jump from 3 to 4.5 LPA to 7 LPA! To get that higher salary, you have to go the extra mile. 

      It’s true that CA in itself is a complete and honorable profession. But, it never hurts to seek greater opportunities and give your career the boost that has become somewhat necessary in today’s highly competitive world. So, if you want to give it that boost, and prepare yourself to negotiate for better pay based on your unique skills and expertise, ACCA is the way to enhance your qualifications and earn a higher salary.

      If you wish to pursue the ACCA Certification, check out our program at Zell Education. We provide you with complete career support including placement assistance, expert-guided resume training, and professional networking. Please contact us at [email protected] for more details!


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