Big Leap, National Education Policy 2020

Shared his perspective and said, National Education Policy is a big leap for India and it completely changes the paradigm of Indian education for all stake holders. The NEP emphasis on creating a strong digital infrastructure which will help to improve education delivery and accountability. The focus is on the learning outcome along with a changed perspective on the examination system. It shall bring a most awaited change in the mindset around the rat-race to just get marks.  Additionally, encouraging more universities to launch online degrees has also been a long-awaited demand and this will now further improve opportunities in the ecosystem. However, the government needs to demonstrate its intentions and execute them – the gap between India’s potential and reality is not a god-gift but a result of the gap between intentions and execution.  In the current situation, the NEP largely revolves around traditional learners. Whereas lifelong learning has become a reality, the government will also need to think about the needs of the employed learner. Some of the vital things that they will have to consider are – creating customized courses, modular size courses, allowing stackable credentials, permitting round-the-year admission, online on-demand assessments, the inclusion of on-job training, capstone projects, etc. This will help to create the right ecosystem for learning.

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