Best Books for US CMA ?

Which Books Should You Refer for US CMA ?

US Certified Management Accountant (US CMA) is a sought-after credential for accounting professionals. Awarded by the US-based Institute of Management Accountants (IMA), this globally-recognised professional certificate signifies that one is well versed in key financial planning and management areas.   

US CMA aspirants must clear two examination papers to earn this certification. With only a 45% pass rate, this examination is considered one of the most challenging in accountancy. Therefore, it is pertinent that you choose the best CMA US books to ace your exam preparations.

Four Best Books for US CMA 

Here’s a sneak peek into the top US CMA books with their pros and cons.

1. Wiley US CMA Review System 


  • This book offers detailed study material and is usually preferred by self-preparing students for the US CMA examination. 
  • The language used is lucid and easily understandable. 
  • Each topic in the book has been explained with utmost clarity,
  • This book will help clear your basics if you are a beginner with no prior knowledge of finance or management.
  • The book also comes with a set of questionnaires, a performance tracker and a comprehensive study planner to help you navigate the entire preparation. 
  • Wiley’s predictive scoring technique will make you more confident, helping you adjust your study plan to focus on weaker areas.


  • The book is highly-priced, making it unaffordable for many. 

2. Hock US CMA Study Material


  • This is one of the best CMA US books and is very popular among CMA candidates. 
  • The study material in this book caters to all kinds of students, providing compact knowledge of relevant topics.
  • The book has substantial content to assist you in your exam preparation, even though its price is significantly lower than any other CMA US book.
  • The Hock CMA course comes with the “You Pass or We Pay Guarantee” assurance, making it one of the most in-demand review courses among students.
  • Hock CMA study materials include interactive study guides, physical and digital textbooks, and teacher support. 


  • Questions & mock test packages may not be enough to pass the exam.
  • The book has fewer test banks than some competitor books.

3. Surgent US CMA Review System 


  • The book takes the adaptive technology approach to help students prepare for the US CMA exams. 
  • It focuses on analysing the students’ weak areas on the basis of their performance in each mock session. 
  • This technique is highly efficient as it helps the students improve their concepts and learn from their mistakes. 
  • The book provides an additional set of questions which is a plus.


  • It has no trial class support. 
  • It does not provide any live class facility.  

4. Gleim USA CMA Study Material 


  • As one of the first providers of complete US CMA study material for students, Gleim’s review course is time-tested and the most popular among students.
  • Gleim’s study material/review course is one of the most affordable.
  • The book also includes a comprehensive test bank consisting of 4500 multiple choice questions (MCQs). 
  • The package includes full-length mock exams, study planners and audio lectures. 
  • It also comes with videos and digital flashcards for extra help. 


  • The Gleim review course does not offer live classes.
  • Gleim’s study material/review course is not a beginner-level book. It is written in advanced language, assuming the reader has some prior finance concepts. 


US Certified Management Accountant is one of the most prestigious certifications, and you need a rigorous study plan to pass the examinations. While the preparations may initially seem challenging, you can streamline your studies with the correct guidance and the best books for CMA USA. Your hard work and determination also play crucial roles in determining your success. A well-planned preparation strategy will help you improve your speed, rectify your mistakes and highlight your weak points, setting the pace for your preparation. 

Are you thinking of pursuing the US CMA certification? Check out the US CMA course from Zell Education. With a US CMA-qualified faculty, 100% placement assistance, 1:1 mentorship support, and personalised study plans, Zell prepares you for nothing but success.

Which book is best for the USA CMA?

It depends on the candidate’s grasping power. The most common book followed by US CMA students is the Gleim Study Material. It provides a comprehensive study package for students at an affordable rate. This book has ample past papers, sample questionnaires and demo test papers for practice.

How do I prepare for the US CMA?

US CMA is considered one of the most challenging examinations to crack. To clear the exam, a student needs sound finance, accounting and management knowledge and about 90 hours of studying. You can start with the concepts and subsequently test yourself through mock exams. Online platforms like Zell Education offer additional support and guidance.

How many books are there in CMA USA?

There are several CMA US books you can refer to while preparing for the exams. Some of the most popular ones are Gleim USA CMA Study Material, Hock US CMA Study Material, Surgent US CMA Review System, and Wiley US CMA Review System.

Can I study US CMA on my own?

Yes, you can study for the US CMA on your own. You must have extensive knowledge and practical skills in finance, accounting and management. With a fixed routine and a detailed study plan, you can study independently and crack the examinations. However, signing up for an online US CMA course will boost your preparations with relevant study materials, live lectures, and mentorship sessions.

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