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      Balancing Work, Study, and CFA Preparation

      Last Update On 23rd May 2024
      Duration: 5 Mins Read

      Is it possible to take CFA for working professionals? If you are a finance professional, you know the struggle between work, study, and doing the CFA program. People say that if you want to pass the CFA exam, you should study for about 400 hours. Now, you are thinking that it is a tough job to do. In this blog explore ways to balance work, study and CFA preparation.

      Here you will learn if CFA is possible for working professionals and students. You will also get some tips on how you will pass the CFA.

      Is the CFA Program Possible for Working Individuals and Students?

      Yes, CFA is possible for both working professionals and students. Here, you will learn detailed tips on how to pass the exam. Now, at this point, you want to take the CFA exams and earn more than in your previous job.

      If you are a student and want to take the CFA exam, read the next point to learn more about the exam format, exam levels, exam windows, and experience guidelines.

      CFA Program for Students

      The CFA exam is easy if a student can study hard and manage proper hours of study time. How will you balance CFA exam preparation with your college study? Well, here are some tips on how to balance your college study and CFA exam preparation:

      Create a study plan according to your College Time Table:

      Bring your college timetable and create a study plan according to it. You have to focus while making a timetable for your study plan.

      Look for CFA-related topics in your College Courses:

      You can compare the CFA-related topics with your college syllabus. If you find some subjects, it can save you some time. You can also ask your professors if you have any questions.

      Look for any Scholarship program for taking the CFA exam:

      Some colleges offer scholarship programs for students who take the CFA exams. You should contact your college dean if any program is there.

      Practice Mock Exams:

      If you are taking online CFA courses, you must know about mock exams. They provide weekly mock exams or monthly mock exams. If you practice mock exams, you will learn how to use the time during your exams.

      Take advice from your Professors:

      You have to tell your professors that you will take CFA exams. They can provide help with your CFA studies and college class work. If you tell them, they can reduce your workload at college.

      Prioritize your Health:

      A student should remember that their health comes first over other issues. You have to prioritize your health before anything else. You should follow a healthy diet and get enough sleep for CFA exams.

      CFA for Working Professionals

      As a working professional, you must know how difficult managing time for the CFA program is. But, you have to balance your work life with CFA exam preparation. A person can take the exam if they set a goal for their future. Here are some tips on how to prepare for CFA while working:

      Communicate with People who are close to you:

      If you are working, tell your boss you are taking the CFA program. You can tell your family and friends about it. If they know about your study plan, they will support you with your time.

      Know Your Priorities:

      People want some relaxation time after a week of work. Your friend may call you for weekend trips or nights. But it will help if you keep in mind what is your priority for you at this time.

      Balance the Time:

      You should schedule your study time according to your working and meeting hours. If you balance your time, you can do well in CFA exams.

      Set Your Goals:

      You need to have a proper study plan to set your goals for your financial journey. Make some deadlines so that you will finish your work within that time. It can save you some time for CFA exam preparation.

      Your Health Comes First:

      Some people forget their health during this hard time. They skip their breakfast or prefer having junk food. A healthy diet can make you think better and keep your mental health safe.

      CFA for working professionals

      Passing CFA Exams: Studying During Weekends

      People often think that weekends are for relaxing. However, CFA for working professionals proves the statements wrong. Working Professionals can only study properly on weekends. If you want some free time to learn, weekends are the best.

      You can schedule your time and make a to-do list for CFA exam preparation. You can also opt for weekend batches to learn. One can enroll in a CFA exam program from any institution. You can get many benefits from your weekend batches. Also, enhancing analytical skills, relevant experience, professional standards, understanding the exam pattern, job prospects, and financial planning must be done on the weekends. This is the best time to get your best study sessions and understand the career path.

      Specially Tailored Weekend Batches for Working Professionals at Zell

      If you are a working professional, you can still take weekend batches and complete all the courses in this field of finance. You will get some benefits if you will enroll for a weekend batch:

      • Lecture recordings and LMS access
      • 2 Unit and Mock Tests
      • Live Online Lectures and Mock Feedback
      • Study Materials (Both Hard and Soft Copy)
      • Registration Support and Placement Assistance


      The CFA exam is hard, but hard work can remove all barriers. If you prepare well, you can achieve your goal. You must focus on your study and remember that discipline is the key to every success. But keep in mind that your health comes first. Don’t stress yourself out by thinking about unforeseen situations as an investment banker, investment professional, financial professional, or the real-world skills needed to achieve success in these careers in finance.

      If you are still thinking, leave that thought for now. Get enriched in industry knowledge, essential skills, networking skills, and practice questions. Start studying for CFA to achieve your goal towards your financial journey. It’s time to focus on exam day. Stay assured that the job opportunities will knock on your doors.


      Is it possible to do CFA while working?
      It is possible to do CFA for working professionals. To pass the exam, you must prepare for it approximately 9 months before the exam date to crack better job opportunities in the field of finance.

      Can I do CFA while studying?
      Ans: You can do CFA while studying. You can enrol in a CFA program and take the Level I CFA exam. You can make remote work arrangements as per your time commitments.

      Is 400 hours enough for CFA?
      400 hours is enough for CFA. But, you should focus on your studies rather than counting the numbers to get into a lucrative finance career.

      Is CFA tough for an average student?
      CFA is a tough exam in finance. But, if you work hard, you will pass the exam.


      Satyamedh Nandedkar, a seasoned finance professional, holds ACCA, CA, US CMA & CS credentials. With 10+ years of experience, he’s a master ACCA tutor, IFRS trainer, adept in global financial standards, and a trusted advisor in navigating complex financial landscapes.

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