11 Interesting Career Options in India in 2024

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      11 Interesting Career Options in India in 2024

      Last Update On 17th April 2024
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      Our education and personal interests play a major role in shaping our career prospects. It is important to consider aspects like salary, industry value and growth opportunities when deciding which career to choose for yourself. Are you currently feeling unsure about what career path to go on? With the emergence of new industries all over the world, it can be quite overwhelming to think about the ones that might be right for us. Here are some of the most sought-after career options of 2024. 

      Interesting Career Options

      Interesting Career Options

      Interesting Career Options for Commerce

      • Accountant
        In the field of accounting and finance, one of the most high-paying jobs you can find is that of an Accountant. An accountant is someone who looks after the finances of an organization. This includes financial auditing, taxation, financial reporting as well as assessment of risks. Aside from pursuing the Indian Chartered Accountancy courses, you can also take up courses like CPA and ACCA to be eligible to work in other countries. These courses can help you get jobs in bigger companies like KPMG, Deloitte and EY. If you are interested, you can check out our  Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) Course.
      • Insurance Underwriter
        An Insurance Underwriter is someone who reviews insurance applications from individuals and companies and assesses the amount of risk they pose to the insurance provider. Underwriting is the process of accepting the liability for the potential losses for their clients. In India, one can start a career as an Insurance Underwriter after completing a Bachelor’s degree in subjects like Finance, Accounting and Computers. They can also enrol for short term courses in finance or accounting or pursue an MBA to land jobs in higher positions. Most insurance underwriters tend to specialise in one aspect of insurance such as general insurance, life insurance and commercial insurance, as opposed to working in all the areas. If you are looking for short finance courses, check out our 9-month Certification in Finance and Accounting.
      • Bank Probationary Officer
        A bank probationary officer is someone who looks after all the management responsibilities of a company in the banking sector or a bank itself. It is an entry-level position and such professionals look after banking aspects like accounting, billing, and investments. They are also authorised to pass cheques and issue cheque books in a bank. In order to be eligible for the role of a probationary officer, a person should have successfully completed their graduation and cleared the Bank PO examinations of the bank they wish to work with. 

      Interesting Career Options for Science

      • Data Scientist
        If you are interested in programming and have great mathematical skills, you should definitely consider pursuing a career in data science. As a data scientist, you will be responsible for processing and analysing data and using it to help the company make sound business decisions. In recent years, there has been tremendous growth in opportunities for data science professionals since more and more companies are looking for expert guidance on managing their data. It is also estimated that in the next decade, the number of available opportunities for data scientists will increase by approximately 31%. 
      • Software Engineer
        Engineering is one of the most coveted degrees in India and across the world. As a software engineer, a large part of your everyday work will be invested in coding. Software Engineers are typically juggling several software projects and fixing problems for coworkers all the time. They are also responsible for writing new code for their clients and optimising their speed and performance. Typically, an entry-level software engineer in India earns an average salary of INR 5.5 lpa
      • Healthcare professionals
        A Doctor or any other healthcare professional are required to spend numerous years to earn their academic qualifications before they can officially be working. The nature of work can be quite tiring for some people but it is perfect for those looking for an intellectually-stimulating profession. One of the most cerebrally challenging parts of working in the field of healthcare is that you are always learning new things because of the constantly evolving knowledge about human healthcare. You can keep pursuing different licences and certifications throughout your career without any restriction.

      Interesting Career Options for Arts

      • Graphics Designer or Illustrator
        These days, most businesses have begun marketing their products and services online with the help of illustrative graphics and fun animations. Moreover, there is constantly a requirement for custom-designed logos, banners and advertisements within an organisation. This is why it is a really favourable time to become a Graphics Designer or to learn different illustration and animation skills on the computer. With the right experience and an impressive portfolio, you’ll be able to land some high-paying clients.  
      • Digital Marketer
        The world of business has officially accepted the internet as a medium of advertising and is now thoroughly using this little window to the world. Digital Marketing as a field is rapidly growing and is expected to grow even more in the coming years. Developing skills such as SEO optimization, social media advertising and creative copywriting can help you land high-paying jobs in some great companies. It also helps if you have pursued a digital marketing course or earned a business management degree with a specialisation in marketing.
      • Journalist
        Like all things, news has also made its way to the internet. So naturally, more and more media agencies and online news verticals are looking for journalists and writers with new and exciting views. Pursuing a degree in broadcast journalism or digital journalism can definitely be an exciting career choice for some that have a curious mind and are enjoy writing or creating content. 

      With the rapidly evolving professional landscape of India, a lot of specialized jobs and professional opportunities are expected to arise in the coming years. If you have recently completed your graduation or are in the early stages of your career, it can be helpful to consider such upcoming career options work in. Based on your current skills, your qualifications and your ambitions for the future, it is important to carefully assess all your options before deciding on a particular career path. If you’re particularly interested in business and finance, the above-mentioned career options are definitely worth considering since they offer plenty of growth opportunities and decent salaries. 

      The Chartered Financial Analyst is a globally recognized qualification in the field of finance and investment. If you have recently completed your graduation or are appearing for your final semester, you may be eligible to become a CFA. Interested? We highly recommend checking out our Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) course.


      1. What are some good career options after commerce?
      After graduating in commerce, students can pursue career options like Chartered Accountancy, Actuarial Science as well as jobs in the banking sector.

      2. What is the average salary of a Commerce Graduate?
      After completing B.Com, a professional can expect a salary of approximately INR 2 lpa to INR 4 lpa. If you pursue higher education or certifications like CA, CPA and CFA, you can expect a salary higher than that.

      3. What is an alternative to pursuing Chartered Accountancy?
      If you want to work in the field of accounting but are looking for alternatives to the Indian Chartered Accountancy course, you should consider pursuing courses like Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA).


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