Countries where ACCA holders have the signing authority

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      Countries where ACCA holders have the signing authority

      Last Update On 10th April 2024
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      “Does an ACCA have signing authority?” This question might have occurred to any young accounting and finance enthusiast looking to take the ACCA course. 

      The ACCA is a high-level accounting qualification. ACCA holders enjoy global recognition that helps them climb the professional ladder easily. 

      With an ACCA degree, one can work in almost any corner of the world. They also enjoy signatory authority in some countries as the cherry on the cake. This means they have the power to sign audit reports and practice auditing by setting up their own company, making ACCA-certified individuals highly valued professionals. 

      Read on to learn more about the countries that give ACCA holders signatory authority and the advantages of pursuing an ACCA.

      What Is the ACCA Qualification?

      The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) Course is one of the most in-demand career paths worldwide and is a leading qualification in accounting. Students who complete the ACCA program receive rigorous training and the skill-set and knowledge required to flourish in accounting.

      The ACCA qualification is a gateway to a rewarding global career as an Accountant. Its international standard makes it a recognised qualification among various organisations. For this reason, multinational companies hiring ACCAs find it easier to move staff across borders for their overseas operations. 

      To know more about the ACCA qualification scope, read our blog “ACCA Career Scope and Job Opportunities in India and Abroad.”

      Countries Where ACCA Holders Have Signing Authority

      The list of the ACCA signing authority countries is as follows:

      Australia and New Zealand

      Australia and New Zealand offer lucrative job opportunities for ACCA holders. The ACCA has an agreement with CPA Canada that allows ACCA members to work as Public Accountants with signatory authority. 

      1. United Kingdom- Does an ACCA have signing authority in the UK?” This is a very common question among ACCA aspirants. The ACCA is headquartered in London, United Kingdom. Hence, ACCA professionals have signatory authority in the UK. Professionals who want to work as an Accountant in the UK must have an ACCA UK practising certification and audit certification to sign audits.
      2. United Arab Emirates- The UAE is a go-to destination for ACCA holders to start their professional journey. The ACCA board has entered into an agreement with the Accountants and Auditors Association (AAA), the UAE’s national accountancy body. ACCA degree holders simply need to have a membership with the AAA to have the signatory authority.
      3. Canada- Several students aspire to work and settle in Canada. For those of you belonging to this group, the ACCA has an agreement with CPA Canada that allows ACCA members to work as Public Accountants with signature authority. This tie-up makes it a viable option for ACCA-certified individuals to work and settle in Canada while enjoying a high professional status. 
      4. Malaysia- Malaysia has fantastic job opportunities for ACCA holders. The ACCA has concluded a Mutual Recognition Agreement with the Malaysian Institute of Certified Public Accountants (MICPA). This agreement between the two bodies grants ACCA holders signatory authority in Malaysia.

      Pre-Requisites for Obtaining an ACCA Degree

      The following are the eligibility requirements for the ACCA course:

      • ACCA candidates must pass their 10+2 exams.
      • Aspirants must obtain at least 65% in mathematics, accounting, and English and 50% in other subjects.
      • Aspirants who do not meet the above criteria can enrol in the ACCA course through the Foundation in Accountancy (FIA) route.

      Why Pursue the ACCA Course?

      There are several reasons why any accounting aspirant must consider the ACCA course. Here is a synopsis of why one should go for an ACCA course for a career boost. However, if you want a detailed analysis of why one must take the ACCA course, read our article “7 Reasons to do an ACCA Course: Why do ACCA?

      Global work opportunities

      An ACCA holder, as discussed, can choose to work anywhere in the world because of its global status. Additionally, they also receive signatory authority in several countries across the globe. The ACCA qualification gets recognition in over 180 countries, allowing you to work in practically any part of the world.

      High demand

      ACCA holders are in high demand in firms because they are trained to examine existing business procedures and develop efficient ideas to improve them. Qualifications such as the ACCA will undoubtedly increase your professional possibilities.

      In-depth understanding of finance

      You will get a solid understanding of accounting concepts through ACCA. Furthermore, an ACCA course will keep you up to date on the latest tax law developments as well as accounting industry norms and regulations.

      Flexibility of learning

      One can take the ACCA test in quarterly sessions; some are given on demand. This allows you to finish all levels of tests at your own pace. 

      There is no minimum number of exams that a person can take. Although there is a maximum of four exams in one try, students can take anything between 1 to 4 exams.

      High professional standing

      ACCA members are highly sought-after. Employers worldwide value ACCA members and recognise their professionalism and skills. ACCA holders are put on a very high professional footing. 

      Wrapping Up

      This article sheds light on the ACCA signing power countries list and briefly discusses the benefits of an ACCA qualification. Employers in the ACCA signing power countries highly value ACCA-qualified professionals. Thus, ACCA holders in these countries receive a heft yearly pay package and enjoy several professional perks and benefits.  

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      How many countries recognise ACCA?
      More than 180 countries recognise the ACCA qualification. This qualification will expose you to global career opportunities.

      Does ACCA have signing authority in Dubai?
      Yes. UAE is a preferred option for ACCA holders to start their professional journey. ACCA members have signing authority in many countries, such as Dubai, the UK, Canada, Malaysia, Australia, and New Zealand.


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