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      CMA USA Course For Working Professional

      Last Update On 16th April 2024
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      Working professionals willing to advance in their careers often have less information about CMA USA courses. They wonder if the USA CMA course can contribute to their career growth. Many also question whether it is possible to pursue a CMA and a job at the same time. Moreover, some compare whether the CA and ACS courses are better than CMA or vice versa.

      CMA has a global recognition gold standard and takes various career paths with this certification. Hence, it’s a good option for working professionals to get CMA professional qualifications. The program can increase accountant’s and finance managers’ pay scales. Accountant job professionals can easily catch up on the CMA course topics. Consistently studying for two to three hours can help them pass the exam with convenient online course materials and lectures. Learn how it’s suitable for working professionals from below.

      Is the CMA Course Appropriate for Working Professionals?

      Most often people question is the certified management accountant course appropriate for working professionals? The answer is “yes.” The CMA course is definitely for working professionals with professional ethics to improve their finance and accountant management skills. A professional’s role will soon become irrelevant without new skills to add to the job role and rise in the career. The certification can increase the appearance of your candidature for higher professional positions.

      Certification from the US certified management accountant course can help you gain detailed insights into cost management and accounting skills. It’s an internationally recognized certification course the Institute of Management Accountants (IMA) offers. It is an eight to ten-month course that working professionals can manage in their busy schedules. You will learn about top business skills that can help an organization, from cost management to performance measurement. It is suitable not only for experienced accountants but also for any business accountants.

      Working professionals will have to prepare for two parts of the US CMA exam. The first part will cover finance and accounting topics. Moreover, the second part of the exam will include questions from cost management and risk management. 

      Why opt for the US CMA Professional Course?

      Dealing with financial and non-financial metrics is one of the critical skills to achieve. Hence, more organizations look for US CMA course certification holders to work in higher positions. A standard CA professional may not know all aspects of the accountant business. However, a CMA professional can take care of all business aspects. They can cover strategic management of costs and risks to implement forward-thinking abilities.

      Most people wonder when you can go into a master’s in accounting, so why opt for the US CMA professional course? The first reason is that your skills will get global recognition that employers value. The second reason is to earn more than your current salary with career advancement opportunities than your non-certified co-workers. Additionally, the course will give you the opportunity to stay updated with the accounting study and best practices.

      Tackle Stagnancy

      Most people find it intimidating to register for an academic course while on a full-time job. But the US CMA course gives an opportunity for individuals to step up in their organizational higher position. Moreover, students, after completing their accountant course bachelor’s degree, can get more engagement with the CMA course to tackle stagnancy. It will offer more career opportunities from prestigious organizations as the certification offers the highest credentials for accounting and business management.

      You can join this course online and even get course materials from online platforms. Prepare for the exams through video tutorials available on the IMA official course portal. Students can attend the video lectures for academic interaction with the faculties and do revisions for the study. Moreover, you can consider applying the course concepts in the real world to enhance your business skills.

      Is the CMA USA course suitable for working professionals

      Who can Accomplish the CMA Course in the USA?

      Any working professional or individual with a bachelor’s degree can apply for the US CMA course. Moreover, IMA offers its CMA course for students who are still at their undergraduate degree level. However, it requires the applicants to have at least two years of experience in finance and accounting in their academic qualifications. Institute of Management Accountants allows undergraduates newly joining their degree courses to take seven years to successfully achieve the US CMA course certification.

      CMA USA Eligibility (Candidate Must Fulfill Any One Criteria)

      • The candidate should have an IMA membership with a good record.
      • The candidate must show class 12th certification or associate degree in the USA.
      • Candidates should have bachelor’s degree certification from a relevant accounting or finance discipline.
      • The candidate must have at least 2 years of professional career in finance and accounting or management.

      Final Words

      You can get a USA CMA course from IMA in 150 countries around the world. It offers students global skills recognition to go into any management accounting and financial profession. All enrolled students can excel in this domain’s skills, from undergraduate students to working professionals. Working professionals can easily complete the course within 6 to 9 months. You can get different scholarship opportunities to finish your CMA course at an affordable cost. These several advantages make CMA a lucrative career-boosting option for working professionals.

      At Zell Education, we endeavour to offer training and mock examination practice so that our students can grab opportunities related to the examinations.


      Can I study CMA USA while working?

      CMA USA course is a short-term professional course designed keeping in mind the working professionals’ needs. Professionals can work on their full-time jobs as they fit the course into their busy schedules. Any experienced accountant, manager, consultant, or auditor can learn the skills from the CMA course easily. Workers can refer to the online study materials and lectures to prepare for the exams for different levels of examinations.

      Do I need work experience for CMA USA?

      In order to earn a CMA certification, candidates must have a minimum of two years of work experience in management accounting and/or financial management field..

      Can US CMA work in Indian companies?

      Working professionals can find a lot of opportunities for US CMA courses. Most leading global companies like Amazon, Wipro, Toubro, and Accenture accept US CMA certificates as they are IMA partners. But other Indian companies accept CMA India.

      Is CMA USA very difficult?

      The CMA USA exam tests are quite difficult to pass. However, consistent preparation and a thorough understanding of the concepts can lead you to score well. Interact with the online lectures and try to apply the skills in practical scenarios to broaden your knowledge limits.


      Satyamedh Nandedkar, a seasoned finance professional, holds ACCA, CA, US CMA & CS credentials. With 10+ years of experience, he’s a master ACCA tutor, IFRS trainer, adept in global financial standards, and a trusted advisor in navigating complex financial landscapes.

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