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      CFA Exam Dates 2024

      CFA Exam Dates 2024 are released now! For the CFA Exam Levels 1, 2, and 3 August 2024, registration is now open by the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) Institute. The detailed application process and the application form are available at cfainstitute.org. All interested candidates can register early by January 23, 2024, for a discounted fee of ₹900. The standard registration fee is ₹1,200. Here in this article, we shall discuss the exam window, the scheduling deadline, and the complete schedule of the exam. 

      CFA Exam Dates 2024: Key Registration Details

      It is important to know the key registration details with the CFA Exam Dates 2024.

      • Final registration closes on May 14, 2024.
      • The invoice payment is due by April 4, 2024.
      • The deadline for scheduling exams is May 21, 2024.
      • The postponements are allowed through July 17, 2024.

      CFA Exam Dates / Deadlines: What Are The Important Deadlines I Need In My Schedule? 

      The level 1 exam will be held from August 20th to 26th. Level 2 exams will be held between the 27th and 31st of August. Exams for Level 3 are scheduled for 16th to 19th August 2024. Exam patterns differ according to the level you choose. All levels include essays supported by vignettes and multiple-choice questions. Candidates receive three points for each accurate response.

      Registration and Exam Pattern for CFA Level 1 Exam

      The official CFA program Institute website is where CFA Level 1 exam registration applications are made. The regular registration fee is ₹1,200. However, the exam calendar and application form are shared along with early registration, available until January 23rd, 2024. Here, you need to pay only ₹900. There are 180 multiple-choice questions (MCQs) on the Level 1 exam. It must be finished in two sessions. 2.25 hours are allotted for each session.

      Many subjects are covered in the exam. It includes corporate finance, derivatives, alternative investments, equity investments, fixed income, quantitative methods, ethics, economics, financial reporting and analysis, and wealth planning.

      Registration and Exam Pattern for CFA Level 2 Exam

      The CFA exam Level 2 registration process happens online via the CFA Institute website. It follows the same deadlines and costs as Level 1. The 88 MCQs on the Level 2 exam are divided into two sessions. The total length of each session is two hours and twelve minutes.

      Financial reporting and analysis, equity investments, corporate finance, fixed income, derivatives, alternative investments, portfolio management, and wealth planning are covered at Level 2.

      Registration and Exam Pattern for CFA Level 3 Exam

      The CFA exam Level 3 registration procedure has the same format. It also has the same fees and deadlines adhering to the Institute’s rules. The Level 3 exam features a distinct format with MCQs and essay questions supported by vignettes. The exam must be finished in one 4-hour, 24-minute session. Level 3 topics include case studies and practical applications that centre on wealth planning and portfolio management.

      To succeed in the CFA Programme, candidates must adhere to certain things. For instance, registration deadlines, comprehending exam patterns and exam format for every level, and covering the entire curriculum in preparation for these exams.

      CFA Exam

      How Do The CFA Exam Registration Fees Vary Across Deadlines?

      The cost to register for the CFA exam varies according to the deadline. It incentivizes applicants to register ahead of time and organise their studies efficiently. Candidates must comprehend the fee structure to manage their expenses effectively. Moreover, it can help them make well-informed decisions regarding their CFA journey.

      Early Registration Deadline

      Candidates who register as soon as possible are eligible for a discounted fee during the CFA Institute’s early registration window. Usually, this early registration window opens several months before the exam date. The early registration deadline for the 2024 exams is January 23, 2024. Candidates receive a discounted registration fee during this time. It reflects the Institute’s encouragement of early programme commitment.

      Deadline for Invoice Payment

      There is one more deadline in the registration process of the CFA Exam, which is the deadline for invoice payment. This deadline is April 4, 2024, for the exams in 2024. Applicants who have registered but not yet paid must make sure the Institute receives the payment by this deadline. Should this deadline be missed, the candidate might not be permitted to take the exam, and their registration could be cancelled.

      Standard Registration Deadline

      The standard registration phase of the CFA Exam starts after the early registration period. This phase for the 2024 exams starts after the early registration deadline and lasts until May 14, 2024. It is the final registration closure. Since the Institute wants candidates to commit to the CFA programme well in advance, the standard registration fee is higher.

      Rescheduling Deadline

      Candidates can modify the CFA exam date or location within the rescheduling deadline. The deadline for rescheduling the 2024 exams is July 17, 2024. Applicants should be aware that rescheduling may incur extra costs. Also, ensure availability is based on the exam centre’s capacity.


      Candidates who intend to take the CFA exams must know these deadlines, related costs, and exam patterns. Candidates who register early receive a financial incentive as well as more time to study for the exam. Follow up on the CFA Exam Dates 2024 and prepare well for your exam before the exam window.

      Zell Education is one of the most reputed CFA exam study centres. You can have mock exams and study materials and know every detail about the exam before the actual exam, like entry requirements and a complete schedule of the exam. All information can be gathered via online mode from the website of Zell Education.  


      1. What is the CFA Program admissions process or entry requirements?

      Bachelor’s degree or equivalent work experience is required for admission to the CFA Programme. The Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct standards and four years of relevant work experience are requirements in addition to passing three CFA exam levels.

      2. What is the CFA update for 2024?

      Specific information regarding updates for the CFA Exam 2024 is not available as of my January 2022 update. For the most recent details on any updates or modifications to the programme, visit the official CFA Institute website.

      3. What is the weightage for CFA Level 1 2024?

      There are 180 multiple-choice questions in the CFA Level 1 2024 exam. Each question has the same weight. False answers do not result in a failing grade.

      4. How many times do CFA exams happen in a year?

      CFA examinations are offered twice a year. Usually, it occurs in June and December, allowing candidates to sit for each level once. The complete exam schedule and the last-minute changes are always shared on their official website.


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