Top 8 Career Options after BBA: Best Courses, Jobs Opportunities & Career Options

Banking & Finance is an interesting course that imparts great knowledge on financial management, principles and practices in management, taxation, economics and much more. However, while this course will equip you with the knowledge on these terms, your job opportunities might still be quite limited. To skyrocket your career options after BBA and gain a global edge, you might want to pursue a professional course. We know you are already clouded with the questions on –

“What to after BBA?”

“What are the career options after BBA?”

“How can I work abroad after completing my BBA?”

And so on.  We know all these questions can get quite overwhelming when charting your career pathway. That’s why let us simplify it down for you with a detailed list of career options you can look out for after successfully completing your BBA. 

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Top Career Options after BBA

There are several courses you can pursue after successfully completing your BBA course. The best part about professional courses is that you can choose to pursue them even while working in similar fields. This can not only help you progress in your current field but also open up a whole new range of opportunities.

Below are some career options after BBA; you can pursue anything based on your interest, capabilities, and future career plans. If you are interested in accounting, taxation, or the finance field in general, you can prepare for some accounting courses to achieve prestigious accreditations. Here’s a list of career options in the financial sphere:


1. Chartered Accountant (CA)

Chartered Accountancy is regarded as one of the most prestigious accountancy courses in India. However, once you’ve cleared all your CA exams along with articleship training, the end goal is sure to be worth it. You can take admission into a reputed coaching institute to prepare for CA exams or you could also consider self-study. 

CA Eligibility: According to the exemption rules for CA, if you score 60% aggregate marks in BBA from a recognised institute, you get exemption from CPT, which is the first level exam for CA. You can directly appear for IPCC (second exam) after completing your graduation in BBA. Thus, the BBA graduates interested in learning about taxation, accountancy, and auditing possess the ability to work hard consistently and can pursue CA after BBA.

CA Average Salary: The average income of a Chartered Accountant in India is INR 8,06,154 pa.

Here’s a glimpse into the popular career paths you can choose after completing your CA course.

career path CA


2. US Certified Public Accountant (CPA)

US Certified Public Accountant is an internationally recognised course that makes you the Chartered Accountant of the United States. In India, too, people are attempting to clear the CPA exams for better job opportunities abroad. If accounting interests you, you can prepare for the CPA exams, and undoubtedly the salary packages and opportunities are sure to amaze you. For an applicant to become a CPA, there are a series of 4 tests that are mandatory to clear.

Eligibility: It is mandatory to complete 150 credits to get the CPA designation. If you are willing to do CPA after BBA, you will have to do a postgraduate course first to complete the required credits to go for courses like M.Com or MBA in Finance. These days, universities also provide BBA plus CPA training integrated programs.

US CPA Average Salary: The average salary of the US CPA ranges from $70,000 to $80,000 per year.

Here’s a glimpse into the popular career paths you can choose after completing your US CPA course.

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3. Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA)

Chartered Financial Analyst is the highest designation in the field of investment banking. If you are interested in core finance and investment banking, then CFA might be the ideal course for you. But in case you are pursuing BBA and are planning to go for CFA after BBA, you can enrol for CFA level one in the final year of BBA or after completing a three-year BBA degree. Since a BBA teaches you about administration and business ethics, pursuing management programs would be like adding a cherry on the cake and will significantly boost your career. A few of the management program options are listed below.

Eligibility: If you are in the final year of graduation, you can appear for the CFA level 1 examination. However, in certain cases, you may be eligible for CFA without graduation provided you have a minimum of 4 years of relevant work experience. 

CFA Average Salary: In India, the average income of a Chartered Financial Analyst is INR 6,88,945 pa.

Here’s a glimpse into the popular career paths you can choose after completing your CFA course.


1. Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Master of Business Administration (MBA) is a commonly pursued post-graduate degree in India and abroad. MBA helps you build management skills, business administration skills as well as leadership skills that will enable you to become an asset to any company. In India, a majority of business schools grant admission to applicants through the CAT (Common Admission Test) score. The total fee for pursuing an MBA in India ranges between INR 20,000 and INR 40,00,000. If you want to learn how things in businesses and organizations work and simultaneously also tend to possess the creative and interpersonal skills required to manage a business, you can pursue an MBA to upskill yourself. An MBA will not only enrich your CV by adding its title to it but also help open doors to better job opportunities in the corporate sector. 

Eligibility: You require an Honours or Graduate’s degree recognized by UGC with a minimum of 50%.

Average Salary: Starts from INR 3 LPA

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2. Hotel Management

If you’re interested in the hospitality sector, taking the hotel management course after your BBA might be a good idea. To attract better national and international opportunities, you can complete a diploma or certification degree in hotel management or pursue an MBA in HM (Hotel Management). It’s a great alternative for people who want to operate a hotel or resort one day. After pursuing a diploma, certification or MBA in Hotel Management, you can start with an internship and try to get more hands-on experience. Once you’ve gained sufficient expertise and cutting-edge skills to wow your investors, your next step should be to dream big and start your business. By choosing this pathway, the business administration ethics learnt during your BBA programme will aid you in your hotel management profession.

Eligibility: No specific eligibility.

Average Salary: Starting from INR 3 LPA


3. Event Management

Event Management is an industry that requires creative and energetic individuals with pro organizing and planning skills. After BBA, you can become the leader you always aspired to be as you get equipped with administering and managing abilities. So if you are interested in event management, you can pursue a diploma or certification courses in this field. It surely is a challenging job, but If you are an exceptional performer, fret not, the compensation you’ll reap will be worth every effort. 

Eligibility: No specific eligibility.

Average Salary:  The average income of an event manager in India is INR 4,74,507 pa.



With the growing popularity of digital media and its widespread use, many businesses have started seeing marketing as an investment and not an expense. This major shift in media usage has led to the development of a whole new sector – marketing. This field now brings a range of opportunities for everyone with a creative mind. If you are keen on giving this profession a try, you can pursue Diploma in Digital Marketing, Masters in Digital Communication, Masters in Advertising Design and Communication, or MA in Advertising and Public Relations after completing your graduation in BBA. With everything taking a virtual transition, every business needs a digital marketer now; thus, job opportunities are enormous after pursuing the courses mentioned above.

1. Digital Marketing:  

One of the most trending courses in the field of marketing is Digital Marketing. This profession is currently booming with a range of opportunities for both analytical and creative minds. With a course in digital marketing, you can track consumer behaviour, create relevant content on the basis of changing market trends and create interesting brand personas.

Eligibility: You can pursue a course in digital marketing right after completing your 12th grade.

Average Salary: Starting from INR 4 lpa to 15 lpa.


2. Performance Marketing

Performance Marketing is a part of digital marketing, which is also known as paid marketing. In this type marketing, the marketer pays Google to run ads for specific targeted keywords wherein the relevant users can enter their details and they’d be registered as potential leads. The sales team can then reach out to these leads and turn them into customers

Eligibility: You can take short online courses at anytime to learn about performance management. 

Average Salary: The average salary of a Performance Marketing Manager starts from INR 5 lpa.


With this detailed explanation on the list of careers after BBA, we hope that your career pathway is simplified. If you’re inclining more towards international finance and accounting courses, then all you need to do is click on the WhatsApp button on the left-hand side of the blog and reach out to our experts instantly. We offer a range of Finance and Accounting courses with end to end guidance.

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