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Why Management Accounting Is One Of The Most Trending Career Choices?

About This Webinar

Getting a US CMA certification can open doors to numerous job opportunities, as companies highly value CMAs for their skills in finance and planning. With this certification, you could excel in finance departments, consulting firms, or leadership roles, leveraging your expertise in making smart financial decisions. This webinar, led by the renowned Anjali Shukla, offers a unique opportunity to learn from her extensive experience. As a content creator and seasoned professional with over 6 years in investment banking and experience with startups, Anjali brings invaluable insights into the current job market. Don’t miss this all-in-one opportunity to enhance your career prospects.

What You Will Learn?

1. Future of management accounting in India in 2024
2. ⁠Scope of US CMA
3. ⁠Jobs, opportunities, companies hiring for US CMA
4. ⁠Salary prospects
5. ⁠Why is US CMA for you

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    Anjali Shukla

    About Speaker

    The speaker of this webinar is the one and only – Anjali Shukla. As a content creator for her brand, her past years of experience have been the backbone of her career growth. With 6+ years of experience in Investment banking operations and over a year of working with start ups, she is now no stranger to the current job market. A recruiter, a career analyst and content creator, this webinar is a all for one opportunity!