5 Courses to Enhance your Accounting Career

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      5 Courses to Enhance your Accounting Career: Top Short Term and Certification Courses

      Last Update On 4th June 2024
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      We often hear that the most essential employees in any organisation or corporation are skilled Accountants. And if you are good at your job the pay is good too. But it is not always necessary that the job that pays well gives you a feeling of fulfilment. People in accounting careers might feel trapped at times, but there are career paths you can choose to improve your situation. Read further to know about the 5 ways to improve your accounting career.

      Tips To Enhance Your Accounting Career

      5 Tips to Enhance Accounting Career

      A. Certification Courses

      Accounting certification courses are certifications used by Accountants to advance their professions and expand their skill sets.  Let’s find out about how you can benefit from the courses!

      1. ACCA After Accounting Job

      If you want to work as a Management Consultant, Financial Planner, or anything similar, getting your Association of Chartered Certified Accountant (ACCA) degree can help you to a great extent. You may have access to possibilities all across the world by taking the ACCA course. Obtaining this certificate is an excellent way to start a career in Accountancy and Finance because it is a world-renowned accounting designation, and the curriculum is industry-relevant. Whether getting an ACCA after your accounting job will be beneficial or not depends significantly on your interest. The ACCA qualification encompasses all aspects of business, including financial statements, management accounting, company taxation, legislation, audit, and business ethics. An ACCA qualified professional is required to work in a foreign country. After completing the ACCA, your career chart opens up a number of job opportunities in nations like Singapore, the United Kingdom, Australia, Dubai, and others. Thus, if the curriculum aligns with your skills and interests, you should aim towards achieving this certification to get better job opportunities.

      2. Learn Business Along With Finance Through CIMA!

      Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA) provides training and certification in management accounting and associated fields. It is aimed at Accountants who work in the sector and provides members with continuous assistance and training. Corporate Finance, Financial Reporting, Financial Analysis, Business Analysis, Project Finance, Risk Management, and other fields use CIMA-trained people. Management Accountants examine data to provide strategic guidance and ensure long-term corporate performance. The Chartered Institute of Management Accountants qualification is open to anybody, whether new to finance and business or seasoned professionals. Chartered Institute of Management Accountants focuses on business as a whole, so you’ll learn more than just accounting. You’ll be financially qualified as well as professionally trained in business management, with the ability to advise on corporate strategy and risk management. So if you take an interest in business management and accounting, CIMA could be the ideal certification to pursue.

      3. Is CPA The Ideal Option After An Accounting Job?

      Obtaining a Certified Public Accountant degree might help you get a leg up on the competition or provide you with a much-needed boost in your accounting profession. The CPA designation is internationally recognized, and it will offer you a distinct edge whether you choose to work in public accounting or a major corporation’s finance department. Going through this procedure demonstrates to your current or future employer that you are serious about your accounting profession and committed to putting in the necessary effort. If you pursue this certification course after your accounting job, your profile becomes stronger, and it will help you land a better job.

      B. Want To Save Some Time? Enroll In Short Term Courses

      Apart from the various certification courses, there are several short-term courses too which you can pursue to advance your accounting career. Let us check out some of these courses:

      1. Personal Finance

      Personal Finance courses are highly beneficial in a world where financial stability and money management are becoming increasingly important. Zell Education provides courses on Personal Finance and after completing the course, you can take up a job as a Personal Financial Advisor in an organisation or company. These advisors are hired to assist customers in achieving their immediate and long-term financial goals. Their job is to provide customers with sound financial advice based on their understanding of tax regulations, investments, and insurance. This will be far better than a boring accounting job as you will have a much bigger role to play in taking your organisation to the next level financially.

      2. Financial Market

      Since India’s savings to GDP ratio is relatively low in comparison to other nations, the financial sector is a stream that is still growing. For the financial sector to grow rapidly, a large staff is required. As a result, we can conclude that the financial markets offer enormous opportunities ahead. You can enrol in various financial market and stock market courses provided by  educational institutions, both online and offline, to get better job opportunities ahead. You can start by going through the basics of the financial market. Zell Education provides one such course, named as, the Introduction to Financial Markets which is perfect to start with.  

      3. Finance and Accounting

      The essential ideas and terminology in finance and accounting include the time value of money, risk-return tradeoff, retirement savings, mortgage financing, and vehicle leasing. You can pursue finance and accounting courses if you are interested in the concepts mentioned above. Zell Education provides various courses related to accounting, one such is the Finance and Accounts course which you can pursue. 

      C. Some Tips To Resolve Problems At Your Accounting Job

      1. Networking Can Do Wonders!

      Having a strong professional network can do wonders for you irrespective of the field you work in. The most essential benefit of having an effective network is that it puts you in a better position to get that next job or promotion. According to a survey published in the Journal of Accountancy, networking is the most effective way to find better accounting jobs. If you don’t have a network yet, start building one using popular professional platforms like LinkedIn.

      2. Free-Range Accounting Holds A Lot Of Power 

      Traditional bookkeeping, financial statement preparation, financial reporting, internal audits, and compliance are all possibilities. Accountants operate in a variety of finance-related fields. Don’t limit yourself to just one part of the accounting field. You should aim to obtain experience in a variety of fields, especially during your initial years at an accounting job. Talk to professionals and find out about all the opportunities you have if your interest lies in accounting. 

      3. Never Underestimate The Power Of Soft Skills!

      Soft skills are becoming increasingly crucial as people develop in their accounting or finance careers. Soft skills can be the differential between two individuals applying for the same position in a world that is becoming increasingly digital, electronic, and automated. In fact, according to a recent survey conducted by the Society for Human Resource Management, 97% of employers believe soft skills are just as essential as hard talents. Thus, working upon your soft skills will help you make a career transition in a smoother way.

      The US CPA qualification is recognised worldwide and can open doors to opportunities in Europe, Asia and North America. If you are an accounting professional looking to boost your career or just curious to learn about the course, we suggest you check out our Certified Public Accountant (CPA) course to learn more. To advance your portfolio and build professional skills, try Zell Education’s interactive courses that offer flexible training timings. Get in touch at +91 7208885600 or email us at [email protected].


      How much does an Accountant earn in India?
      In India, an Accountant earns INR 2.49 LPA on an average.

      Which job roles pay high salaries in the financial sector?
      Accounting, auditing, financial advisory and investment banking are the roles that come under the financial sector. The various financial job roles are capable of providing you with an average industry salary. Some of the most high paying jobs in this sector are that of an Investment Banker, Financial Advisor, IT Auditor and Senior Accountant.

      Does an MBA in Accounting and Finance landing a better job?
      An MBA holds a good career scope because the program helps you build up effective business knowledge, business administration and much more which the various organisations look for in an employee. Thus, it is possible to get a better job after completing post graduation in MBA.



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