Courses in Canada after 12th Commerce - With & Without Maths

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      Courses in Canada after 12th Commerce – With & Without Maths

      Canada has been inviting people from across the world to settle in their beautiful land. While this has been a trend in the past half a decade, Canada has always been a destination for students to pursue their education and careers. The maple leaf country is home to some of the best universities and institutions in the world across all streams – science, commerce, and humanities. 

      For students looking for the best commerce courses with or without maths in Canada, chances are they are going to be spoilt for choice. While science courses were thought to be the most coveted until a few years ago, commerce courses after Class 12th are now topping the list. 

      Here’s a sneak peek into some of the best commerce courses in Canada that students can pursue after their Class 12th.

      Why Choose Canada After Grade 12?

      Many students are confused about which country to pursue their undergraduate degree in. While the USA and Australia have been all-time favourites, Canada has recently joined the league. Five Canadian universities, including the University of Toronto, McGill University, University of Waterloo, and the University of British Columbia, featured in the top 50 QS World University Rankings. 

      While technology courses were the most sought-after in Canada, commerce courses have become more popular as they offer a global view and niche segments that interest students from all over the world. 

      For many Indian students, Canada has always been a popular choice as the country offers plenty of career opportunities, good quality of life, and lots of options for entrepreneurship. Did you know over 67,000 Indian students received approval to study in Canada in the first four months of 2021? Well, now you do and let’s be honest, the numbers only seem to be increasing.

      Canadian Education System

      When we think of the education system, we often equate it with the one we have in India. Students’ educational experiences in Canada are very different from here in India because their education system is considered to be one of the best in the world. From the freedom to choose the subjects of your choice to create your unique combinations, Canada’s education system aims to create all-rounders with domain knowledge. 

      Studying in Canada also comes with its perks like financial support for education, opportunities to work while studying, friendly neighbourhoods to stay in, healthcare benefits for students at all levels, and the chance to get a work visa soon after they complete their education. 

      Additionally, Canada is home to various seasons, each influencing their culture and offering activities like hiking, skiing, sledging and celebrating festivals, all of which make the learning experience unique.

      Commerce Courses to Opt for in Canada after 12th 

      Indian students have a knack for commerce and are successful in its disciplines. Some popular commerce undergraduate courses and specialisations in Canada include:

      • Economics – Micro or Macro (with or without maths)
      • Accounting and other accountancy courses
      • Finance
      • Business Management
      • Human Resource Management
      • Foreign Trade
      • Company Secretary
      • Certified Financial Planner
      • Actuarial Science

      Some commerce undergraduate courses that are available without maths are:

      • Marketing
      • HR Management
      • Supply Chain Management
      • Journalism
      • Digital Media

      That said, students without a maths background can learn the relevant skills to pursue undergraduate programs in finance or accounting. Platforms like Zell Education offer industry-relevant courses that can bridge the skill gap to help students get into Canada’s top institutes.

      Suggested Universities That Offer the Best Commerce Courses

      With world-class universities, advanced facilities and laboratories, and a vibrant student-friendly environment, it is no wonder that Canada is a popular destination for education among students worldwide. Here are some globally-acclaimed universities that one might want to explore for their undergraduate education:

      • University of British Columbia

      One of the most popular universities in Canada, the University of British Columbia offers plenty of undergraduate courses in commerce, including entrepreneurship, accounting, business technology, management, supply chain, and finance.

      • University of Calgary

      This university is renowned for its undergraduate courses in finance, accounting, business technology, business management, international business, and operations management. Most courses are four to five years long, following which the university offers master’s courses for undergraduates to choose from.

      • University of Ontario Institute of Technology

      This university is known for commerce majors like marketing, finance, accounting, and entrepreneurship – the leading fields in commerce today. Most undergraduate courses in commerce at this university have a four-year duration. Besides, the average fee for international students is around CAD 20,000/year, making it affordable compared to American and European universities.

      • University of Guelph

      If niche fields in commerce are what one is looking to make their career in, the University of Guelph offers bachelor’s courses in business management, hospitality and tourism management, real estate and housing management, food and agricultural management, and finance and accounting. The average duration for undergraduate courses in commerce is four years, and the yearly fees lie in the range of CAD 23,000 per year.

      • Seneca College

      While some students prefer the traditional career path, some prefer to stand out and make unique choices. Seneca College offers some unusual combinations of majors in commerce such as financial services management, international business management, and international accounting and finance to ensure students are industry-ready. The average tuition fee for undergraduate courses is around CAD 17,800 and upwards.

      • Lakehead University

      Lakehead University is the place to be for students looking for specialisations or majors in commerce subjects like finance, business administration, accounting, or strategic management.

      Selection Systems for Indian Students in Canada

      There are many ways by which students can enter Canada and begin their life here. Two of the most commonly used routes are:

      • Student Partnership Program (SPP)

      The SPP is an arrangement between a few Canadian Colleges and the Canadian High Commission in India. This program easily fast-tracks Indian visas for prospective students. Under this scheme, students can show fewer documents, and it takes less time to get their student visas.

      • Student Direct Stream (SDS)

      Under this system, international students get faster study permits, which applies to many Asian countries like India, China, Vietnam and the Philippines. Express Entry and the Provincial Nominee Programs are used by students who wish to migrate to Canada on a work visa.

      Canada is home to a slew of opportunities for accounting and finance aspirants. Pursuing a commerce undergraduate degree in Canada after Class 12 sets one up for a beautiful life with plenty of exciting and fulfilling career opportunities. 
      Whether one loves maths or not, Canadian universities have many sought-after commerce courses to choose from! The ACCA qualification is recognized in over 180 countries including Canada, Singapore, and Australia. If you’ve made the decision to become a global CA and are contemplating your next move, we can help you take a step forward. Check out our Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) course to learn more. To advance your portfolio and build professional skills, try Zell Education’s interactive courses that offer flexible training timings. Get in touch at +91 7208885600 or email us at [email protected].


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