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      2024 ACCA Registration Fees: [UPDATED]

      The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) is a globally recognized professional accounting body that offers the ACCA qualification. Aspiring accountants and finance professionals often consider enrolling in the ACCA program to enhance their career prospects and gain valuable knowledge and skills. However, it is essential to understand the costs associated with ACCA registration before embarking on this educational journey.

      In this blog, we will delve into the intricacies of ACCA registration fees, explore the ACCA fees structure, discuss factors affecting registration costs, and provide tips for managing ACCA enrolment expenses effectively.

      ACCA Registration Fees 2024: Everything You Need to Know

      The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants trains candidates globally in accounting and finance. The globally recognized course is in high demand because of its module that is designed according to the finance and accounting industry standards. The ACCA course benefits the candidates by enhancing their knowledge and skills for a better career in finance and accounting. Also, the course is responsible for offering global exposure to the candidates and offering a handsome salary package from some of the best companies. Before pursuing the course to avail of all these benefits, it is always better to understand the ACCA registration fees and other details. 

      The ACCA Fees Structure:

      The ACCA fees structure comprises several components that aspiring students need to consider. Let’s explore the breakdown of the fees:

      ACCA Registration and Subscription Fees

      The initial registration fee is the first thing that the candidates need to pay for application processing and setting up the student’s record. Next, the candidates will have to pay an annual subscription fee that is required to get access to the ACCA learning platform, study materials, and the ACCA support team. Candidates should renew their subscriptions annually to avoid the cancellation of the ACCA registration fees. If the registration gets cancelled, then the candidates will have to pay the registration fees once again to continue with ACCA. 

      If you are Indian student here’s what your registration and subscription fee will look like-

      • Initial registration: £89 £30
      • Re-registration: £89 £30
      • Annual subscription 2024: £134

      Once you register as an ACCA student, you are required to pay an annual subscription fee. This fee grants you access to various resources, including study materials, online learning platforms, student support services, and professional development opportunities. The annual subscription fee is renewable each year throughout your ACCA journey.

      ACCA Exam Fees

      Once the candidate has paid the ACCA registration and subscription fees, next comes the exam fees. The ACCA course has three levels of examinations. Candidates must pay an exam fee before every exam level. There is an extra charge for candidates who wish to choose a special exam centre. 

      ACCA examination fees are another crucial component of the overall registration costs. These fees cover the expenses associated with conducting the exams, including question paper development, invigilation, marking, and result publication. The examination fees are payable for each exam you attempt.

      ACCA Applied Knowledge Fees

      The ACCA Applied Knowledge level has three subjects that are Business and Technology, Management Accounting, and Financial Accounting. These exams can be available at the local center or even remotely, depending upon the candidate’s location. So, the ACCA Applied Knowledge Fees will vary according to the exam mode.  

      ACCA Applied Skills Exams

      The ACCA Applied Skills Exam fee depends upon two important factors:

      • Candidates can choose from centre or remote mode depending upon the fee will vary
      • The time of exam registration also impacts the fee amount. Candidates registering early for the exam will have to pay comparatively less than those who are registering late. 

      The Professional Level exam fee is also impacted similarly to that of the Applied Skills Level exam. In addition, the choice of subjects from the Optional category of Professional Level also impacts the exam fee. 

      Also, some candidates may get exemptions from a few exams. In such cases, the candidates will also have to pay ACCA exemption fees

      • Applied Knowledge exams: £84
      • Applied Skills exams: £111

      The ACCA fee structure can get confusing without a proper understanding. Also, ACCA has strict guidelines about the fee payment procedure. Moreover, it is essential to understand how to pay ACCA exam fees after paying the registration and subscription fees. Getting help from a coach like Zell Education is a great idea to pay the fees at the right time and in the right way. 

      Factors Affecting ACCA Registration Fees:

      Country of Registration:

      ACCA registration fees may vary depending on the country where you choose to register. Different regions may have different fee structures due to factors such as local market conditions and currency exchange rates. It is advisable to check the ACCA website or contact your local ACCA representative to obtain accurate and up-to-date fee information specific to your country.

      Early Exam Entry Discounts:

      ACCA offers early exam entry discounts to encourage students to plan and register for exams in advance. By registering early, you can save on examination fees and effectively manage your overall enrollment expenses.

      Late Exam Entry Penalties:

      Conversely, if you miss the early registration deadline, ACCA imposes late exam entry penalties. These penalties increase the examination fees, making it more costly to register for exams. It is essential to adhere to the deadlines to avoid unnecessary expenses. Visit our Zell Education page to learn more about ACCA Exam and to review additional topics.

      ACCA Registration Fees

      Managing ACCA Enrollment Expenses Effectively:

      Budgeting and Planning:

      Before embarking on your ACCA journey, create a comprehensive budget that accounts for all the registration fees, annual subscription fees, and examination fees. Consider the timing of exams and plan your finances accordingly to optimize your resources and minimize financial stress.

      Early Registration:

      Take advantage of early exam entry discounts by registering for exams well in advance. This approach not only reduces your examination fees but also allows you to allocate your study time effectively, enhancing your chances of success.

      Scholarship and Funding Opportunities:

      Explore potential scholarship and funding opportunities provided by ACCA or other organizations. These opportunities can help alleviate the financial burden associated with ACCA registration fees.

      Part-Time Study:

      If managing the full-time ACCA program seems financially challenging, consider pursuing the qualification on a part-time basis. This approach allows you to balance your studies with work commitments, enabling you to earn an income while covering your enrolment expenses.


      Understanding the cost of ACCA registration is essential for aspiring accountants and finance professionals considering enrolling in the ACCA qualification. By comprehending the ACCA fees structure, taking note of factors affecting registration costs, and implementing effective strategies to manage enrollment expenses, you can plan your ACCA journey more efficiently and minimize financial strain. Remember to stay updated with the latest fee information from ACCA’s official sources and leverage the available resources to make informed decisions regarding your ACCA enrollment.


      1. What are the fees for ACCA?

      The ACCA fees vary from candidate to candidate because of the exemptions and varied options offered by the ACCA platform. However, the fee amount may range somewhere between Rs. 20,000 to Rs. 2,50,000.  

      2. How much does it cost to get an ACCA?

      The cost of getting an ACCA certificate depends upon the choices that the candidates are making. For example, the ACCA Exam Fees: Affiliates are much higher than the usual ACCA exams. Similarly, becoming a permanent ACCA member will cost the highest of all. 

      3. Why is ACCA so expensive?

      ACCA is expensive because the fees cover the examination, study modules, subscription, and the support offered by the ACCA community. While the exam exemptions help in reducing the course duration, candidates have to bear ACCA exemption fees for each exam exemption they are enjoying. 

      4. Is ACCA registration fee refundable?

      While ACCA does not refund the examination fees, the board can refund the ACCA registration fee to the same source from where the payment was made in the first place. Candidates must offer all the necessary documents related to registration and also should offer a concrete reason for the cancellation of registration to get a refund.  

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