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Top Reasons Why I Chose FRM As A Career

About This Webinar

This session will cover the latest trends shaping the FRM sector, from regulatory changes to technological advancements. Our panelists will also discuss the emerging opportunities for FRM professionals, highlighting the skills and knowledge areas in high demand. Whether you’re a beginner FRM student or just starting your career, this webinar will provide valuable insights to navigate the complexities of risk management and capitalize on new opportunities in the Indian financial market. Don’t miss this opportunity to stay ahead in the field of FRM!

What You Will Learn?

– Eligibility, Duration And Scope
– Exam Structure And Study Techniques
– Risk Manager’s Roles And Salaries
– Scope of FRM in India And Abroad

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    Raashi Khandelwal

    About Speaker

    Rashi is an expert in diverse financial domains including market, liquidity, climate, regulatory, and counterparty risk. She has a robust technical foundation in numerical methods such as stochastic calculus and regression analysis. She has demonstrated experience in Private Equity (buy-side) operations, specifically in Fund Assessment and Valuation employing DCF and LBO methodologies, and is proficient in key statistical projections and subjective assessments of private companies.