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Data Science

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Data Science

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  • Content in collaboration with IIT Bombay Alumni
  • Experiential Learning Approach
  • Industry Experienced Faculty
  • 100% Placement Assistance
  • Live Projects & Case Studies
  • No-Cost EMI Options

Minimum eligibility criteria for the program

  • 10+2 or equivalent
  • While there are not many educational criteria for this course, curiosity & keen interest in data science and data analytics is an essential prerequisite.

Exhaustive course content, curated by IIT alumni and industry experts to ensure hands-on practical experience and job-readiness.

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Receive your Zell Certified Data Scientist (Professional) Certification upon successful completion of all the program modules and end-of-program assignments.

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Data science is essentially the study of data. It involves developing efficient methods, systems, and algorithms for recording, analysing, and storing of data – structured as well as unstructured – to extract relevant knowledge and insights.

Over the past few years, the industry has observed a tremendous surge in the use of data science and data analytics. The job market has also seen a 45% rise in the demand for jobs related to data science. This means that competent data scientists and analysts will always find a variety of job openings across industries like e-commerce, manufacturing, banking & finance, healthcare, transport, and more. 

Some of the most common job roles in data science are – Big Data Engineer, Machine Learning Engineer Data Architect, Data Scientist, Statistician, Data Analyst, and Business Analyst.

One of the most common myths in the industry is that you need to be a software engineer or a programmer in order to pursue a career in data science. The truth is that data science is open for everyone irrespective of their educational or professional background. Having said that, it is quite important to gain some sort of formal education in the field, as the skill set required to be a good data scientist can be developed with knowledge and experience alone. Zell Education’s Data Science Course is specially curated by an IIT alumnus, and is ideal for beginners. With industry experts providing over 150 hours of hands-on training, practical assignments, case studies, and end-of-term submissions, Zell’s online data science course ensures that you are ready to lead in the real world.

Mathematics is one of the foundations of data science. All techniques and algorithms involve complex mathematical equations, which demand strong understanding of the underlying principles. A strong knowledge of the same will ensure you have a great foundation for your career. Furthermore, statistics plays a major role in analysing, presenting, and understanding data.

The core principles of math required are linear algebra, calculus, and statistics.  

Zell’s data science course is designed to ensure that you have a strong base in mathematics before you advance through the course. So that is one thing you need not worry about. The faculty at Zell understands that students come from a variety of educational backgrounds.

Data science is essentially the study of data. It involves developing efficient methods, systems, and algorithms for recording, analysing, and storing of data – structured as well as unstructured – to extract relevant knowledge and insights. 

Data mining is simply the process of gathering information from data – structured and unstructured – and converting such data into one form, which is easily available to users for analysis. 

Data analytics essentially covers the techniques of analysing data, and includes algorithms and other processes of data mining. These techniques help in identifying which method yields quicker results and is more efficient. 

Data analysis is basically about the processing and analysing of stored data. Such analysis can enable accurate predictions that can be of help to the society. It helps data scientists understand the requirements of people and drive sales. 

Machine Learning is not entirely related to Data Science, but it can greatly help in the process. Machine learning, as the name suggests, is essentially helping machines learn from different data. It helps machines convert data into a language that machines can easily understand. It forms an integral part of Artificial Intelligence, and is hence one of the most intriguing aspects of data science.

As is evident from the name, Big Data literally means a huge amount of data – structured, semi-structured, and unstructured – collected by companies to be used for analysis. It includes a tremendous amount of audio files, video files, text, and numbers. For example, all data generated by social media, internet networks, banking, etc.

Python is considered to have an easy to understand syntax making it one of the easier and faster to learn languages in Data Science. Moreover Python has a number of free libraries making it a go-to language for Data Scientist.

Industry giants like IBM, Microsoft, Facebook, Google, Netflix, Amazon, Uber, and Accenture are some of the top companies hiring Data Scientists.

On an average, a data scientist can expect to earn around INR 7 LPA. A fresher in data science can expect a package of INR 5 LPA, while someone with 1-4 years of experience can expect around INR 6.2 LPA. Depending on their competence, skills, and experience, senior data scientists have been known to make as much as INR 17 LPA!

Data is crucial to today's life. People and processes around the world generate lots of data every minute. Businesses can better understand their customers with the help of this data. This is where a data analytic course comes in. Organizations can improve their marketing campaigns and create personalized content. This improves their statement to the customers. There are endless advantages to a data analytic course online. The learnings help you to use the potential of raw data and use it to grow your business.

Data analytics and data science - both help to examine data sets to come to conclusions. The techniques help you use raw data to find out patterns in data that can get you valuable insights. Data analytics can include historical data or data could even be collected for a particular initiative. Companies can collect data from its customers or obtain it from another known organization. A data science certification can prove your merits in this regard.

Pursuing data science is becoming more and more mainstream. In order to start, you need to have a Bachelor's degree and have special emphasis on analytical and statistical skills. Math and computer science would be given special preference in these cases. However, the next steps are more important in your road to becoming a data analyst. You need to learn data analytic skills and get a data analysis certification to make your CV stand out. A data analytic course will help you to highlight your skills in this regard.

With the help of a data analytic course online, you would be able to get your first entry-level data analyst job. Once you have your first breakthrough, you can go for a master's degree in data analytics. It will help you to prove your worth in the field and develop your career towards an expert data analyst.

As can be guessed from the term itself, big data means large and diverse sets of information. Big data is not just about the volume of information, but it also encompasses the speed at which it grows, or data is collected. It concerns the variety and the scope of data. Data mining activities lead to big data. A data analytic course can offer a good insight into the concepts concerning big data. Big data can be collected through public comments on websites and social networks. The techniques become very obvious through a data analytic course online.

Databases store big data, and it is analyzed through software. A lot of software-as-a-service (SAAS) companies offer such solutions, and looking into data analyst course fees would be a good investment. Big data is bringing a revolution in the fields of data science. Big data can be structured as well as unstructured, and analyzing each will require different approaches.

The job of a data analyst is very interesting today. It is one of those fields which have a lot of significance today. A data analyst primarily collects and processes data. Then he performs statistical analyses on these large datasets. They use the data to answer questions and solve problems. A data analytic course is instrumental in such regard. Data analysis has evolved in a world where computers and their huge processing power are taking the center stage. A data analytic course online is what shapes the path of such an individual.

Data science is all about handling data - using the data to answer questions without any bias. A data science certification proves the merit of a person in collecting data and answering these questions. With the development of potent algorithms, it is possible to answer questions that seemed too puzzling before.

Learning data science needs to be a serious career decision. To learn it from scratch, you will be going through many technologies and theories, which is only possible when you become committed to it. A data analytic course is probably the best thing to start with. A learner needs to get started with technical skills. That is why you will see that almost every data analytic course online will begin with python fundamentals. Then machine learning and data analytics using python are the way forward.

The data science certification will even require you to learn SQL and R programming. Theories also need to go hand-in-hand with your technical skills. Learning calculus, gradients is as important as linear algebra and statistics. However, you will learn a lot through your practical experiences.

Zell Education’s Data Science course is taught over a period of 6 months, with 150+ hours of training.

Yes, placement assistance is a crucial part of the course, here at Zell. Our faculty has guided our students through every step of the way, including resume writing, mock interviews, and aptitude tests. A majority of our students get placed in reputed organisations like Industry giants like IBM, Microsoft, Facebook, Google, Netflix, Amazon, Uber, and Accenture.

Students receive their Zell Certified Data Scientist (Professional) Certification upon successful completion of all the program modules and end-of-program assignments.

Zell’s Data Science course is curated specially by an IIT alumuns and is focused on experiential learning. The best way to understand data science is through practice, and that’s what Zell’s online Data Science course is all about. While the  Certification (which students receive only after successful completion of all modules and practical assignments) gives you a lot of credibility in the job market, our practical approach to learning ensures that you are able to handle a real-world job well. The course is designed to accommodate students from all kinds of backgrounds – you learn everything right from scratch before diving deep into the advanced concepts. The faculty consists of rank holders and industry experts with over 10+ years of experience.

Yes, you can avail the no-cost EMI option for fee payment, where the entire amount is to be paid in installments, over the duration of the course, as opposed to one-slot payment.

A minimum of INR 20,000 must be paid to secure a seat for the Data Science course.

There is no refund policy once the course has commenced.