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About Zell Education

Fastest Growing Business Opportunity

  • India’s online education market valued at INR 39 billion in 2018

  • Market potential expected to cross INR 360.3 billion by 2024

Fastest Growing Business Opportunity
  • 60–70% gap observed between ideal skill requirements & actual skills available

  • 60% of Indian employees need reskilling to keep up with the dynamic needs of the industry


Fastest Growing Education Brand

  • 20+ programs offered, across domains (finance, marketing & Analytics)
  • Extensive interview training, leading to high student placement rate of 70%
Fastest Growing Education Brand
  • 10,000+ students & careers transformed since inception
  • A global Customer base spanning 6 countries

Holistic Growth Culture at Zell Education

  • Systematic, organised & process-oriented business operations
  • Extensive training by industry experts, with focus on experiential learning
Holistic Growth Culture at Zell Education
  • Exposure to leading organisations through corporate tie-ups, i.e. more business opportunities
  • 100% operational support & assistance provided by expert professionals

Lucrative Business Model with High ROI

  • Relatively low requirement of capital investment in the education sector
  • High rate of return on investment, in a relatively short period of time
Lucrative Business Model with High ROI
  • Skill upgradation is a continuous, dynamic process, for students & professionals alike

  • Low resistance & entry barriers to the upskilling / reskilling sector

Franchise Business Opportunity

The education sector is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. Since skill upgradation is a virtually endless process, our franchise partners will always have a key role to play, not only in our development, but also that of the education industry at large. As a Zell Franchise, you share the strong brand name & the reputation for having transformed 10,000+ careers, along with our industry collaborations. This is also a great opportunity for new entrepreneurs, as starting from scratch can be a risky affair. A meticulously designed franchise opportunity like Zell mitigates that risk.

Franchise Requirement

  • Passion for making valuable contributions to the education industry

  • Rented or owned space (750 sq. ft. or more) equipped with modern trainning infrastructure in a prominent location in the city.

  • Minimum Capital Investment of INR 15 Lac.

  • Good knowledge of the upskilling & reskilling market segments 
  • Ability to mentor & counsel students
  • Strong Understanding of the local market along with customer acquisittion, lead generation, ATL & BTL Marketing activities



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