ACCA certification is recognized worldwide in both the government and private sector companies. The degree of finance and accountancy can assist you to get jobs in the accounting, finance and other divisions. However, an ACCA certificate can enhance your chances of appointment in the reputed business firms. You should know the fee structure and eligibility of the ACCA course before choosing it.

The eligible candidates to apply for ACCA

Those candidates, who are currently working in the position of independent employees or advisors and professional accountant, can take the ACCA course. However, the candidates should follow the standards of national accounting before applying for this course. The ACCA course fees are other important criteria that should be considered by the candidates before taking up the course.

About the fees of the course

You have to pay the registration fee one-time to the educational institution. The subscription and examination fees are incorporated in ACCA course fees; you would not be able to complete your course if you do not pay these fees. The subscription fee should be paid by students per year. The examination fee constitutes the fee for the skills module, professional module, and the knowledge module. Students have to pay INR 1, 06, 00 for the skill level and INR 1, 16,000 for P-level.

Criteria to be met by students

The aspiring accounting professionals must check out the background of the educational institution before enrolling in the ACCA course. In addition, students should know about the ACCA course structure and fees along with certain criteria to study the ACCA course. A person qualified for CAT that is a certified accounting technician can do the registration of the course. A student of 17 years and above, who have
65% marks in subjects, such as English, Mathematics, Accounts;
50% of marks in other subjects.

A quick way of doing registration

The students ought to compare the ACCA course structure and fees of distinct educational institutions before doing the ACCA course so that they can make the right decision. It is better to complete the ACCA course from the acclaimed and accredited institutions as compared to the infamous ones, which lacks brilliant faculty and qualified teachers. You can complete the online registration of the ACCA course on the institution's official website. The students have to upload correct documents to do the registration process.

About the exams

The exams in the ACCA course are conducted twice per year particularly in the months of September and July. 8 test centers of ACCA are present all over India, such as Mumbai, Bangalore, Cochin, Pune, Chennai, New Delhi, Ahmedabad, and Kolkata. You must know about the education centers and then fill up the application form of the course.

The problem of having fewer marks and a way out

Certain students are unable to get 65% or more marks in Mathematics or Accounts, English. Such students would not be capable of applying for the ACCA course directly. They have to pass the CAT exam for beginning part 1 of the ACCA course. On the other hand, the polytechnic students, students having diplomas are eligible for this course. ACCA course provides programs for accounting at the foundation level and also diploma programs for candidates, who cannot meet the criteria of eligibility. However, the programs are made for students, who are trying to do finance courses, courses in accounts after the 12th standard.

Importance of the certificate for professionals

The ACCA course is considered as one of the important courses that accounting professionals must do to improve their careers. The accounting sector is competitive and job seekers cannot get a job of appropriate salary if they do not have an ACCA certificate or ACCA course's name on the resume. You can apply for jobs nationally and internationally after excellently performing in this course.

Coaching and guidance of teachers

The teachers of the education centers may or may not do coaching classes for students of the ACCA course. However, you can research this matter. The reputed coaching centers teach ACCA after knowing the present syllabus and what test papers the students must solve to crack the exams. The teachers can analyse your mistakes in the practice test and they can suggest ways to rectify your mistakes. In this way, you can crack exams of the ACCA course in the first attempt only.

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