The full form of ACCA stands for the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants. The employers of a company are willing to hire job seekers with an ACCA qualification. The certificate of ACCA implies that an interviewee has adequate financial knowledge, which can benefit the company.

Just before you think of selecting the ACCA course, you should know its benefits.

  • Beneficial facilities of ACCA

You can complete the course of ACCA within a span of 2 years. The students get the chance to give examinations every 3 months. You can do your internship at any time you want. You have to attend the classes of ACCA course in Mumbai only at weekend. The best part of the ACCA course is that you can get a chance to do your course in audit, tax, banking, advisory, consulting, finance and so on. You can either choose banking or audit to become a successful accountant in the future. 

  • Study other subjects 

Every student involved in the ACCA course can study other subjects along with their ACCA certificate. There are several institutions, which would allow you to combine ACCA with MSc or BSc. In this way, you can qualify yourself in both subjects. The exams are tough; however, if you get the guidance of the right teachers and remain focus on your studies, you can complete the ACCA course successfully. Your career in accountancy can progress well when your resume would consist of an ACCA certificate. 

  • Get good job opportunities and fee structure 

Employers throughout the world are seeking professionals, who are trained in ACCA as these professionals have technical skills, ability to do strategic thinking. If you want to get a job in the accountancy department of reputed finance companies, you should take the ACCA course now. The fee for this course is affordable in India. In addition, the fees of the ACCA course in Mumbai is 73, 000 INR for MA, AB, LW, and FA. If you want to do your ACCA course in skill level or P-Level, you have to pay 1, 06,000 or 1, 16, 000 respectively. On the other hand, you have to pay £ 76 to £ 190 exam fee for this course for each subject. Just before applying for the ACCA course, you can talk to the staff members of the office about monthly fees, subscriptions, registration fees and so on. You can also do a BSc from Oxford Brookes University in Applied Accounting. In addition, the students are able to do their MSc from the University of London in professional accountancy. 

  • Join the global network 

It is a fact that ACCA is recognized throughout the world and students of ACCA are present in 179 countries in the entire globe. You can enroll yourself in the ACCA course if you want to work in the accountancy and finance department in a company in India and abroad. The students with ACCA certificate are preferred in the business world as these students understand the laws and rules of finance of the corporate world better. You can take admission in this course after completing your studies either in 10th or 12th standard. 

  • Competition and ability 

If you aspire to be an accountant someday, you should take the ACCA course in the reputed educational institution in Mumbai. You can get a senior position in the management department if you have a certificate of ACCA. In today's world,  job seekers are enrolling in distinct courses to upgrade their qualifications and skills so that employers hire them first. You can impress the employers in your first interview when you would have an ACCA certificate. However, the employers would enquire how many years you have spent to complete the ACCA course. If you take more years to complete your ACCA course, it is possible that your employer would not hire you. Therefore, you ought to work hard to complete this course within 2 years.

  • Progress in your career 

If you are getting a moderate salary from your job in the finance department, you can take a course at ACCA to upgrade your skills. The ACCA fees in Mumbai are affordable and you can do the classes of this course during the weekend. In this way, you can complete your studies without hampering your existing job. You can do the course of ACCA either part-time or full-time in any educational institution to fulfill your needs. 

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