Once you have cleared the ACCA exam you are eligible to work as a full-fledged accountant in 170 countries. Accountants can earn good enough money after clearing the ACCA exams. 

So, if you want to work worldwide then join ACCA classes in Mumbai. The best part about being ACCA qualified is that it can offer you opportunities worldwide. Live your dream of working in an MNC. 

Check out 6 places you can work at with an ACCA degree- 

  1. Germany-

Europe is strong and back into the economy after the downfall. Now that the eurozone has pulled itself back into the recovery phase. Fast-paced financial hubs like Frankfurt and the cultural Berlin offers some interesting accountancy job for everyone. Accountants can experience an above average job satisfaction in Europe. 

  1. Malaysia-

Malaysia targets to become a high-income nation by 2020. It's fuelled economy is open for investments. There are many dynamic cities like Kuala Lumpur to draw your attention. The heavy industry sector in the country is likely to offer many opportunities for ACCA-certified accountants in the years to come. 

  1. The United Kingdom-

With employment taking a pace and the economy moving forward, the UK is a huge financial hub. The country is full of opportunities at the moment for accountants. The UK is a diversified economy. You can get the opportunity to work in different industries. London is the economic hub. Other major cities like Manchester, Birmingham and Leeds have lots to offer. 

  1. United States Of America-

The USA is a country of opportunities. It is the world's largest economy with a variety of working options. Every place in the USA is different having various industries and lifestyles. So you can work in diversified organisations. Work in LA with various film companies in Hollywood. You can also be an accountant in the FBI. 

  1. Canada-

Toronto and Vancouver are the two major financial cities in Canada. If you are looking for a French-speaking province then Quebec is the place for you. Less than 2.3 per cent of financial managers are jobless in Canada as per the reports by Job Futures Canada. The demand is particularly high and the prospects are good. 

  1. Singapore-

Singapore surely has many opportunities for accountants. But, they want to hire quality accountants. ACCA holders are the candidates selected in the screening procedure. ACCA certified holders are considered as the most qualified and eligible individual in Singapore to handle accounts. 

If you want to have a global career and interested in accounting, then get the ACCA training in Mumbai and shine in the accountancy profession. 

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