Those looking to become an accountant may come for various walks of life, some may just have gotten out of school, some may be looking for better options in terms of earning and supporting their families and although to begin studying accountancy one does not need specific qualifications, quite a few specifics are needed in order to become a professional accountant.

For starters, along with your enthusiasm for the profession, you will also require formal certification and advanced education. Here are a few tips to guide you along your path of becoming an accountant with guidance from the best ACCA institute in Mumbai: -

1. Getting the right degree

Getting a B.A. in accounting is usually considered the minimum educational requirement if you wish to become a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) where some places may require advanced courses beyond what is offered at a bachelor’s level. Whether you wish to be in the public or private sectors, to provide consulting, analyse services or auditing, a bachelor’s degree is a common ground, further studies will depend on what exactly you wish to do as an accountant. Getting an ACCA certification could be quite beneficial. If you’re looking for ACCA institutes, there are several institutes present here, which are regarded as the best ACCA Institute in Mumbai and attract students from all over the country.

2. Picking a speciality

Building on from the previous point, you will need to pick which particular areas you wish to specialise in. Generally public accounting or corporate (business) accounting are the popular choices but there are also a number of sub-specialisations which exist within these (for e.g. accounting along with managing taxes, environmental accounting, etc.). Your specialty will usually coincide with the type of accounting degree you have.

3. Understand and decide between being an accountant or a CPA

A Certified Public Accountant have higher qualifications than an accountant. Accountants are therefore more limited in the tasks that they can perform and cannot do certain tasks unless they pass certain separate tests to prove their credibility for it. To be a CPA, aside from a college degree, you will be required to pass the entirety of the CPA exam (which is conducted in parts) and then work under the supervision of a qualified CPA for a particular number of hours. Your decision will be according to the type of career you wish to pursue and what your personal goals and motivations are.

4. Look for internships

To ensure you land an entry-level job once you’re out of college, you’re going to want some internships under your belt to lighten up your resume. Various social media platforms such as LinkedIn or Internshala offer jobs for those still in college and without any experience.

5. Continue your education

Landing your first job may feel like you’ve gotten to your goal but if you wish for faster growth, you’re going to need to continue your education and earn certificates and qualifications. To move up your career these qualifications will give quite a boost.

To pursue accounting make sure that you are willing to invest in the amount of time it will take and keep on persevering till you reach your goal. Remember that even after your goal there may be more to be done and achieved in the accounting world with the help of ACCA institutes in Mumbai!  

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