ACCA means the Associations of Chartered Certified Accountants and they provide official Chartered certified accountant qualifications which are valid all over the world and if you do have an ACCA qualification, you shall be treated equally like their local qualifications of Chartered accountant. They have their headquarters in the UK, but they have over 500,000 members from over 170 countries and is one of the most rapidly growing bodies in the world.

You can find some of the Best ACCA Classes and there are various types of qualifications and certification provided by ACCA which are listed below.

ACCA Qualification: The Prestigious Certificate of Achievement & Honor

Students are given a Certificate of Achievement when they pass the exam with an 85% or a higher percentage in the steams like AB (Accountant in Business), Financial Accounting (FA) and MA (Management Accounting). Their exams are conducted in both written or computer and online based. Their certificate is also available for Corporate and Business Law ( LW) since the month of June of 2015 and it also has the same criteria of 85% and above.


ACCA Diploma in Accounting and Businesses

When someone completes the respective Accountant in business (AB), Financial Accounting (FA) or Management Accounting (MA) and Foundations in Professionalism successfully, then they are awarded the ACCA Diploma in Accounting and business. If someone had obtained a full exemption, then that student won't be awarded the certificate.


Advanced Diploma in Accounting & Business Certificate

When a student has completely passed the Applied Skills exams, minimum two out of three and one of the passing criteria has been acquired on or after the 1st June 2011 paper, then they are awarded the Advanced Diploma in Accounting & Business Certificate. But one primary condition has to be fulfilled which is that the student has to achieve an affirmative result in all of the exams in relation to Applied Knowledge and Skills.


Strategic Professional certificate

In case a student has completed the different strategic Professional exam of the ACCA qualification, then that student is awarded a Strategic professional certificate. There are 2 strategic Professional Essential exams held and they get two chances out of which they have to successfully complete any one of them to achieve the certificate.

ACCA Certificate in taxation

On the successful completion of the paper FTX along with the completion of Foundations in Professionalism, a student is awarded the ACCA Certificate in Taxation. If any student had been exempted from the exam, then they shall not receive the certificate

Thus ACCA is an internationally acclaimed body of certification and their certificates have very much importance in most of the countries in the field of a Chartered accountant. You can find some great ACCA training in Mumbai and get certified with ACCA through their exams, which shall immensely help your career to boost forward and achieve new heights.

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