ACCA is a globally recognized professional accountancy qualification awarded by the Association of Certified Chartered Accountants (ACCA).  Achieving this professional qualification can open up a wide range of employment opportunities across the world. ACCA certified members are highly regarded in the banking, management and consulting fields.

5 Important things you need to know about ACCA:

1. ACCA Course- A gateway to a world of opportunities:

When you study with ACCA, you can add feathers to your career and open doors to the most lucrative career opportunities across the world.  You can become a leading financial professional and achieve great success in your career path.

2. ACCA Course structure and fees :

ACCA course is a comprehensive concept based study and should be done thoroughly.  ACCA course fees includes:

Registration fees



Annual subscription fees


Exemption fees

An exemption fee is charged for each ACCA exam you are awarded exemption from.

Exam fees

An exam entry fee of 8000  must be paid for each subject.   

3. ACCA Syllabus:

ACCA course consists of 14 papers divided into four groups and three levels:

Knowledge – Three papers

Skills – Six papers

Essentials – Three papers

Options – Two papers from four

4. ACCA Website:

Global website for ACCA is an important online source for ACCA course preparation, it contains the updated material and other important information which can be highly beneficial for the students.    

5. Reputed ACCA academy for quality tuition:

ACCA course structure is complicated and you require to choose an excellent ACCA academy to get benefit from expert tutors with industry experience.  A famous ACCA course academy provides you interactive platform for access to online lectures. The practical training gives you essential skills and a career edge.   The professionally designed sessions include mock examinations along with feedback sessions helping students to prepare for the exams. The students can choose to study full or part time in classroom setting or online as per their convenience.

ACCA course is surely a gateway to success and can help you achieve pinnacle positions in the financial world.         

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