ACCA or the association of chartered certified accountants is an international body recognized in over 172 countries and over 500,000 members worldwide. ACCA certification is increasingly becoming the gold standard for tax professionals around the world, and the certification is highly sought after by some of the biggest corporations in the world. ACCA was founded in 1904 in London, UK, which still serves as its headquarters and the number of tax professionals working to acquire the certification is growing at an astounding rate. Mumbai being the financial capital of India is home to a large number of tax professionals and if you are one you must have considered ACCA institutes in Mumbai to crack the exam and further your career. The benefits of being an ACCA member are numerous and today in this blog we will discuss briefly about them:

  • Recognized worldwide: If you are thinking of immigrating for better opportunities, then you must try to find the best ACCA institute in Mumbai or any other city you might be in. As we have already told you ACCA is a global body of finance professionals who are already practicing as tax consultants, and getting a ACCA certification will help you take your career global. There are more than 172 countries where ACCA professionals are based out of and are plying their trade.
  • Employment opportunities: ACCA professionals are highly sought after by corporations around the world. Having an ACCA certification means that you are well versed in local taxation laws and can sign on documents related to tax returns for these companies. ACCA also opens up a number of opportunities if you want to switch roles to something beyond a tax consultant, which we will discuss in the next point.
  • Career avenues: Want to switch to investment banking, fund managing or any other subdisciplines within the world of finance? The ACCA exam is comprehensive in its scope and after completing all the levels, you will be well acquainted with almost everything in the world of finance. This makes it very easy for ACCA professionals to switch roles in order to pursue their passion and for career progression.
  • Flexibility: There are a host of ACCA classes available online which gives you the flexibility to prepare for the exam in your own time using ample material which is available online. You can also consider enrolling in local ACCA classes on weekends.
  • Practical experience: ACCA professionals are required to have a minimum 3 years of experience working as a tax professional in their respective countries. You can start the foundation level courses before 3 years but can only get certified after this condition is fulfilled. ACCA professionals are well rounded individuals who harbour both experience and capabilities which makes them valued in any organisation.

We have told you briefly about the benefits of going for an ACCA qualification. We hope this guide has been informative for you. We at Zell education would love to hear from you in case you have any further questions regarding the exam and the certification itself.

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