Its that time of the year again when students all over the country are getting jittery over the prospect of their future. Just 2 years after taking a stressful decision of maths, commerce or arts, students are often unprepared for the gargantuan challenge of opting for a professional degree amongst the sea of choices available today. While science students face a whole lot of challenges, today we will talk about the two most popular options for commerce students ie. Accounting and Finance. If you are constantly sitting on the fence about enrolling in ACCA classes in Mumbai or troubling your stock broker cousin for opinions, we at Zell education have come up with a guide which will make life easier for you, in terms of choosing between the two!

  • Career options: Although both accounting and finance are distinct in terms of a career path, both offer unmatched flexibility in terms of roles and designations. If you are an accountant you can easily switch to a career in finance and while the reverse cannot be done without requisite qualification. It's also easy to switch to other fields like fund managers, financial consultants etc. The point we are trying to make is, a degree in Accountant and Finance match each other in terms of flexibility, but accounting takes the cake as it opens up slightly more avenues in careers in finance.

  • Work life balance: Being an accountant and a finance professional has their own sets of challenges and professional lifestyle. In no uncertain terms we have to make this clear that the world of finance is brutal and cut-throat, involving unusually long hours and complete dedication. Anything less and you will be a victim of the rat race and fizzle out. On the other hand a career in accounting is relatively easy you have some degree of control over your work hours, and apart from the fiscal periods, there is no overburdening work throughout the year. By this we don't mean that you can afford to work less in accounting but most certainly under less stress.

  • Lifestyle: Perhaps the biggest thing which pulls people towards the world of finance is the glitzy glamor associated with it, which accountants miss out on. Page 3 parties, business class travel around the world and meeting important people everyday, are all a part of a regular finance professional’s life.

  • Money: Accounts and Finance both offer lucrative reimbursements for professionals and its difficult to call the outright frontrunner between the two. Out of our personal experience of years of providing top quality ACCA training in Mumbai, some of our ex-students have gone one to open accountancy firms relatively early and pulled out of the rat race. Let's face it there's nothing better than being your own boss! And accounting will give you the power to do it, in your own terms without any difference in income.

We have told you briefly about the differences in Accounting vs finance as a career option. Its difficult to impose one downright upon high schoolers  and its best left to a student to make the personal choice for himself keeping in mind his interests. We at Zell education hope that we've been helpful to you through this article  and urge you to call us, should you have any further questions regarding ACCA classes and careers in finance. Good luck!

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