ACCA (Association of Chartered Accountants), also known as Global CA is the world fastest growing accounting professional body. Clearing ACCA exams in first attempt is only possible with right guidance and knowledge.  You can clear ACCA exam in first attempt with all practiced strategic approach towards planning of studies, practicing; revising and appearing in the examination.

To Clear ACCA exams in first attempt, you need to consider various things:

The most important thing is to join a famous ACCA training institute in Mumbai.  Reputed ACCA classes will give you a right guidance for building a strategic approach towards preparation of ACCA exams.  Comprehending the syllabus & examination from examiners point of view is an important task. There are many resources to guide you for preparation of the exam. The complete syllabus should be carefully studied focusing on the examination topics and detailed answer based study should be done.

ACCA is concept based studying and should be done thoroughly under the guidance of proper trainer. By joining a proper ACCA academy in Mumbai, you will be able to get ACCA approved study material which is important for student’s reference & lot of self-assessment modules are also available for regular practice & updates. Such an institute will help you to access approved Exam topics referring to modules and examiners insights for answering the same.  All this is crucial to exam preparation for ACCA. The ACCA trainers help you to do a planned study and understand the concepts rather than mugging up things.  They will help you to do proper revision during the last days,   you will first understand to handle the trickier areas of your syllabus and then will be able to memorize them easily.  

A great knowledge with lot of practice will definitely help you clear your ACCA exams in the first go. The ACCA trainers will help you practice the technique to pass the exam through sample question papers, answers and the examiners reports.  You will learn the approach towards appearing in the exam and managing the time with planning the answers through practicing the sample papers. The appearance in mock exam papers helps you to perform under conditions of pressure.

Popular ACCA academy teaches you to answer the exam paper through strategic planning.  The exam paper should be read completely and properly and answered according to the requirement. All the questions should be attempted as there is no negative marking in ACCA exams.   

ACCA training institutes helps to extend techniques to qualify the exams. Accounting profession requires a lot of respect towards time and this is what you learn during your ACCA exam preparation from famous institutes.  By joining reputed ACCA institute, you learn various things like how to refer ACCA Website and update   with the latest material, Examiner Analysis Interviews on the previous exam papers which could be beneficial to the students.

There are many ACCA institutes in Mumbai but you should join a reputed institute like Zell education for ACCA exam preparation to get extensive training from experts in the finance field and clear ACCA exams in the first go.   

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