Nowadays people are more interested in making global career in accountancy. Choosing a career which will promote you to higher posts in India as well anywhere across the world is really an intelligent thing to do. Therefore, for those who are interested in financial accounting, taxation, audit, pricing, etc. one qualification will be the best. It is Chartered Certified Accountant.

The global certificate for the same is offered by an UK based institution named Association of Chartered Certified Accountants. The association is recognises over 78 countries and have the partnership with more than 80 international accounting organizations. You can pursue ACCA course in Mumbai and can migrate to Australia for job as the professionals of ACCA are also awarded with privileged immigration status to countries like Canada, Australia, New Zealand, etc.

The most fascinating thing about this course is the flexibility when it comes to the eligibility criteria. You need not be a Chartered Accountant to enroll for this course. You can start this course after 12th. The examination of ACCA is considered to be tough due to its great professional standards; however, it’s easier than CPA of US. The passing percentage of the exam is almost 50, which is much higher than any other accountancy exams. So, let’s have an overview of ACCA course in detail.


The curriculum of ACCA is segmented into three levels. They are Knowledge level, Skill level and Professional Level.


Eligibility and exemption

  • As mentioned earlier, you can enroll for ACCA after passing the 12th exam. 
  • If you are from commerce stream or have any other degree in accountancy, you can get exemption from few subjects at fundamental level. There will be no exemptions at a professional level. 
  • The commerce stream students who have completed 12th by passing in 5 subjects including English, Maths or Accounts and have secured 65% marks in at least 2 subjects and 50% in the rest can apply for ACCA course.


Exam Pattern

If you are pursuing the ACCA Professional Course in Mumbai or any other place, then the exam pattern will be as follows.

  • Exams are held four times in a year. The exam months are March, June, September and December.
  • You can apply for the papers from level F1 to F4 around the year. These papers are online and are to be taken at authorized computerized exam center of ACCA.
  • The duration of the exam ranges from 2 to 3 hours depending upon the subject.
  • The questions are MCQs and MTQs (Multi-task questions).

Fees structure

Structure for ACCA fees in Mumbai and other areas include registration amount to be paid at initial level. It is around ₹7,500, annual subscription fees, which is around ₹ 9,000 and examination fees ₹ 8,000 per subject.



The benefits of doing ACCA course are plenty. Let’s have a look at few of them.

  • Recognized globally- The ACCA course is recognized worldwide and have almost 490,000 students across the world. The network is spread over the various countries and as soon as you register you become a link of that network. 


  • Highly regarded by employers across the globe- ACCA’s courses are developed with the help of employers which train about international accounting standards. Therefore, they have full faith in ACCA students and professionals for their knowledge of rules and regulations regarding accounting in their respective countries. 


  • Career growth- If you are in finance sector and want to gain senior or management positions, you need to have formal qualification for the same. This will be delivered to you by ACCA. This qualification assures the employer about your technical knowledge. 


  • Flexible study- The study of ACCA is flexible. You can manage your studies as per your situation. You can attend the classes as full time student or opt for online studies. You can even get exemptions from particular subjects under certain conditions. 


  • Practical Experience- It is not enough to just study and pass the exams for becoming ACCA member. You need to have 3 years of practical experience. This makes sure that you become a comprehensive package before being ACCA member and gain the professional benefits.


Mumbai has seen the emergence of financial KPOs in last few years. The professional who have completed ACCA Professional Course are being preferred by the employers to handle accounting and financial roles. So, if you want to make a bright career in accounting and finance, enroll yourself for ACCA course.

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