You require 2 things for this:

  1. Work timings that are actually not more than 9 hours a day
  2. Grant of enough leaves per quarter

F1-F4 should be done within 6 months, and can be managed comfortably if the above points are met. From F5 onwards (or if you have exemptions from F1-F4, even better), you want to aim for 2 papers per quarter. You’d have to put in continuous effort for 2 years with work, but if you can stick to it, its very much manageable.

Work timings that are actually not more than 9 hours a day

If you work in a company that allows you to leave work after a 9–5 or a 9–6 shift, you would have enough energy to get into the study mode daily post dinner (or early morning, depending on your preference). Couple this with having 2 days additional on weekends, and you can be sure of having enough time to complete the portion.

Grant of enough leaves per quarter

Before each quarter, you’d need enough days off for studying for the exam. If your workplace allows you 1 week of leave prior to the exam week, that’s perfect. Any extra leave they shell out, grab it! Otherwise, a week prior is enough for 2 exams per quarter.

I’d like to reiterate that this isn't easy, but it is manageable. If you have guidance, it would make things even easier since a huge chunk of your workload is technically outsourced to an expert.

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