F9 is one of the easier papers in the skills module.

This paper helps you develop knowledge and skills expected of a financial manager with respect to investment, financing and dividend policy decisions.

Study Material

Concerning the study material, the latest versions of BPP study text and revision kit. The language here is easy to understand and helps one understand the depth of each and every concept, leaving you with utmost clarity.

BPP has divided the whole syllabus into 7 main parts.

Part 1, 2: Financial Management Function and Environment

The first two parts are theory based and wouldn’t take much of your time. Doing these parts in the end so that you remember the theoretical concepts for your exam. Plus, it will be a lot easier once the other sections are done as you would be clear about the whole concept of financial management.

Part 3: Working Capital

The third part on working capital management is basically formula-based.  ACCA provides you with the important formulae in the examination. This doesn’t mean you overlook them while studying. It’s very important for you to know what each variable stands for. For e.g., in the formula for economic order quantity, if you do not know what ‘Ch’ stands for, then you obviously wouldn’t be able to solve the entire question even though you have the formula in front of you.

Of course, not all the formulae are given in the exam. So it’s better to learn all of them and not depend on the having them in front of you in the exam. Further, practising enough questions automatically helps you memorise the same.

Part 4: Investment Appraisal

The fourth part on investment appraisal and discounting is an important topic. Make sure you practice enough questions in this section so as to get the right flow in solving the questions. Learn the format here of solving questions, such as NPV. There are a lot of marks that would be gained here.

Part 5: Business Finance

The fifth part on finance also needs enough attention as it contains concepts like Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM) and Weighted Average Cost of Capital (WACC). This section is very conceptual, so try making your concepts clear from the very beginning so that no difficulty arises here.

Part 6: Business Valuations

The sixth part on business valuations will be simple if your concepts in other sections are clear. So make sure that they are, so you do not have to spend so much time in this section.

Part 7: Risk Management

The last part on risk management is a very important as well as an interesting section. It contains a foreign exchange related topic which will appear in P2 as well. So give it enough attention. The advantage we have is that questions from this section are generally only asked in MCQs, not in the subjective section.

Importance of Revision Kit

Also, for any ACCA paper you appear for, try doing the revision kit along with the study kit. Give the revision kit questions importance and time. Mark the questions you think are important and would be necessary to practice during the revision. There are no questions that repeat here. The concepts are asked through different angles and scenarios. Try understanding the scenario and the requirement and then start answering the question.

Revision Time

Once done with the study kit and the revision kit, go through the topics that were challenging and need practice from your side and also those questions you marked in the revision kit as important.

Mock exams: A must!

Solve mocks in the last few days before the examination, even if you feel that you are not completely thorough with the syllabus. Give mocks so that you get the true picture of where you stand and how well you can understand the questions asked.

Also, try committing yourself only to ACCA at least a month before the examination date.
Give paper well and with full composure. If you cannot solve certain parts of the written question or a few objective questions, it is okay. Come back at it later and solve it if you can. But make sure you attempt everything. Do not leave anything blank.

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