B.com is a widely opted graduation course in the country. This course is chosen by most of the students because of its versatility and ease.  


I myself graduated with a B.com honors degree from Symbiosis College of Arts and Commerce in Pune and managed to clear 9 ACCA papers along with it. I have had friends who have cleared all the ACCA papers along with graduation and trust me, given the right plan; it is easily achievable.

I would personally suggest you to pursue B.com from a well reputed and an established college/university. This is because usually, they have connections with really good companies for placements and thus it will help you to get a good exposure into the corporate world for clearing your ACCA PER.

An important point that is to be kept in mind while choosing a college for your B.com degree is that make sure the college itself doesn’t demand much of your time commitment. Even after your enrollment in the college, make sure you allot more time to ACCA than to B.com.
B.com also makes the perfect choice for the graduation degree due of its relative ease. Most of the syllabus is usually covered in your 11th and 12th grade and if not, it should surely not be so hard for an ACCA student.

With respect to the part about achieving the dream career, ACCA itself is enough! All you have to do, is to be confident and determined enough to pursue ACCA, and then you can do it without a graduation degree too. In fact, a person can register for ACCA after completing his 10th grade. Further, ACCA has a partnership with Oxford Brookes University (OBU) that gives you an option to receive a B.sc degree in Applied Accounting after finishing the first 9 papers and the professional ethics module.

I would advice you to pursue the graduation degree along with ACCA, so as to give yourself enough exposure like I mentioned before. Having a graduation degree can also help you if you want to go for a masters degree in the future. Also, it builds up your C.V and would help you find better work profiles even when you are not done with all your ACCA papers.


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