ACCA stands for the association of chartered certified accountants. It is a UK based body which was established in 1904. It offers a global certification in Chartered Accountancy. It is recognized worldwide and is one of the largest and fastest growing accountancy body operating in 180 countries across the globe. These are few of the reasons why ACCA course provides better job opportunities




The ACCA course structure consists of 14 papers which are equally divided into 4 groups and 3 levels. The first level is the knowledge level, it consists of 3 papers. The second level is the skills level consisting of 6 papers. The third level is the essentials level consisting of 3 papers and the last level is the elective level where you get to choose any of the subjects that you want to specialize in. The ACCA course fees are 5,00,000 approximately in India.




ACCA is a UK based qualification program and therefore it has high demands in the international market. Once you are done with the course you can easily get a job at some multinational company. An increase in awareness of the ACCA exam and the skillful financial professionals that it provides has led to an increase in their demand in India. If you are wondering which one to choose between ACCA and CA, it is known that an ACCA qualified individual earns an equivalent amount of money as a CA if not more and with days it is increasing.


#Flexible Timings


Exams are held only twice a year and the timings are extremely flexible. Therefore you can easily continue doing your work while doing this course. You don't have to quit on it. You have to complete fourteen papers altogether. You can choose to do your studies broad or you can choose the arena you want to specialize. You can choose to study full time or part-time. You can also choose to do the course online. There is no pressure.




Employers throughout the world seek for ACCA trained professionals because they possess the technical skills that they are looking for. It ensures that you possess the necessary skills required for further promotion to more senior management positions. It provides you an upliftment in the eyes of your employer and also your clients.


#Qualification Value


Candidates studying this course not only get to specialize in accounting and finance but also get a taste of organizational management and strategy. The qualification is not just based on an elaborate theory like most other courses but it also prepares the candidate for practical usage. It is equivalent to completing a university degree and the qualification is based on international accounting and auditing standards and is IFAC compliant.

#Diverse Syllabus


This course covers all areas of business starting right from financial statements to audit and business ethics. The diversity of syllabus does not bind you to become an accountant rather it helps you to explore and become skillful in all the sectors of business and management.

There are many institutes and training centers that provide ACCA professional course in Mumbai. You can always choose to enroll in one of them and have a shining future ahead.

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