ACCA (Association of Chartered Accountants), also known as 'Global CA' is the world fastest growing accounting professional body. Cracking ACCA exams is completely dependent on one’s skill to manage time and answer questions accordingly. A well practiced strategic approach towards planning of studies, practicing; revising and appearing in the examination helps in achieving the goals.

There are few tips, which are the success mantra for beginners to crack ACCA exams, as follows:

Planning to study and revise: The students should take a strategic approach towards studying and practicing the ACCA exams. A proper timetable should be laid for studying and revising the same without which it all goes waste. The studying should be planned in a way that it becomes a hobby and the pattern of studying should be understanding the concept rather than memorizing or mugging up things. While revising during the last days, the trickier areas pertaining to the syllabus should be focused more and memorizing the important areas should be done first. AACA classes guides towards a strategic approach towards preparation of ACCA exams.

Practice: A great knowledge with lot of practice definitely helps you crack the ACCA exams. The technique to pass the exam should be well practiced through sample question papers, answers and the examiner’s reports. The approach towards appearing in the exam and managing the time with planning the answers gets available through practicing the sample papers. The appearance in mock exam papers helps to perform under the conditions of pressure of time.

Healthy and balanced Lifestyle: ACCA exams success mantra revolves around a balanced and healthy lifestyle which promotes a more focused approach towards exams and studies. A great career requires successfully balanced social, work life. Good eating patterns with exercising and socializing would give a positive approach and helps you concentrate on the studies in a more balanced way. A day before the exam useful tips not to panic should be implemented to stay more focused and appear pressure.

Appearing the Exam: Answering the exam paper should be strategically planned. The exam paper should be read completely and properly and answered according to the requirement. All the questions should be made sure to answer as it helps you get the brownie points of taking an effort to attempt all the questions, after all there is no negative marking for putting your knowledge down on the paper.

Cracking ACCA exams and become a global CA is definitely a dream of the students who appear for the exam. A strategic approach towards preparation and appearing in the examination helps you achieve the goal. ACCA training institutes in Mumbai helps to extend techniques to qualify the exams. A proper time management towards studying and answering the questions during the examination helps a long way towards success. Accounting profession requires a lot of respect towards time which is well practiced through the preparation of ACCA exams.

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