Those who are in their graduation with commerce stream do not have to worry about their future anymore as the ACCA course has arrived in Mumbai. You guys might be thinking, what is this all about? How is commerce stream attached to it? What are ACCA course structure and fees? Hang on just a bit all your queries are going to be answered here.

What is ACCA?

The acronym ACCA can be broken as Association of Chartered Certified Accountants. The qualification certificate recognized globally is solely for the accountants.

There are two main reasons why most countries are adapting IFRS is because:

What are the areas of study? I mean the course structure.

The ACCA covers the advanced versions of study in the following subjects:

  • Business Management
  • Decision-Making Ability
  • Taxation
  • Financial Reporting
  • Financial Strategies

How much I have to pay?

The ACCA course fees include one-time registration fee, annual course subscription while you are studying, and an examination fee when you go through exams.

The basics have been covered. Let us now discuss the things why ACCA is must have for the upcoming Accountant generation:

1.    Study as You Please:

The course offers a flexible mode of study to its aspirants. You are free to join as a full-time student or you may prefer part-time as well. On an average, it will be two to three-year task and job assurance is on a high. There are various modes available to study; you can choose it in any way you are fond of:

  • You can avail courses offline as well as online.
  • You can study at home with hard printed books,
  • You can also go for online studies with e-books and tutorial videos.
  • Free study materials are also available on ACCA websites

2.    World Wide Recognition:

Most of the courses are not widely recognized in other countries but this is not the case with ACCA as it has its own charm in the world. More than 5 lakhs are its registered members in 150+ countries around the world. It is proving to be one of the fastest growing accountancy courses in the globe.

3.    Job Opportunity:    

The ACCA qualified aspirants are capable of working in a foreign accountancy firm, auditing, banking sector, corporate sector and finance sector. The expected salary is also quite high with a reputation of being ACCA aspirant.

4.    It’s not like Reading and Writing only:

Yeah! You heard it right it is not only about writing exams and securing good grades. To turn into a professional ACCA candidate you are going to face practical experience too. While it may raise many eyebrows as this is not like other professional courses of India. It is important to ensure that you can turn into the absolute box up thing for companies before actual hiring takes place to enjoy all the career benefits of ACCA.

5.    A tough competitor to MBA:

It is not a denying fact that MBA is a reputed course in India. But the structure differs from university to university. The subjects you are studying in the northern part of India might not be the part of the syllabus in the southern part of India. Here it lacks behind ACCA due to its global recognition.     

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