BMS (Bachelor of Management Studies) is a course which is focused on Fundamentals of management at the graduation level. The perks of taking the B.M.S course is that students are exposed to the basics of finance and accounting and business.

This programme enables students to develop knowledge and skills in the range of business functions while setting them within the wider context of current business practice. The main core BMS topics are listed out below:

  • Fundamentals of accounting.
  • Introduction to finance.
  • Operations and Information management.
  • Human resource management.
  • Introduction to marketing.
  • Business Economics.
  • Organizational behaviour.
  • Business laws.


You could also pursue ACCA along with BMS, ACCA has a lot of advantages:

  • ACCA is also called as Global CA.
  • Syllabus based on International Standards.
  • Flexible Course Structure, can be pursued along with your graduation.
  • Eligible to work in finance, accounting and business across the world.


With the help of ACCA along with BMS, you could master in subjects like:

  • Strategic management.
  • Managerial economics.
  • Bank strategy and /management.
  • Entrepreneurship.
  • Introduction to International business.
  • Leadership.
  • Advanced financial accounting.
  • Governance, risks and ethics.
  • Corporate Reporting
  • Business Analysis
  • Performance management
  • Taxation
  • Audit and Assurance

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