One of the major reasons to choose ACCA over CA or any other courses is that ACCA is globally accepted. Well if you are planning to go to other countries, it would be best to know which countries give good starting packages to accountants & make plans accordingly.

While the salary and packages on offer to fresh accountants, generally speaking, reflect the cost of living in any given country, it is also worth considering that there are quite a few countries that offer exceptional salary packages due to their generous tax benefits. Isn’t that amazing?

Ellis King, manager at Morgan McKinley, says: “As an example, top 100 accountancy firms tend to offer salary packages that are reflective of the country in which an employee is working, with factors such as living expenses.”

Karen Young, director at Hays Accountancy & Finance, says: “The average salary for an ACCA trainee is currently around Rs.14LPA, while an ACCA part-qualified can expect to earn Rs.18LPA. ACCA finalists are commanding an average salary of Rs.22LPA.”

Big numbers, aren’t they? Let’s dive into it.

1. SWITZERLAND- Rs.34 LPA – Rs.44 LPA + bonuses

2. AUSTRALIA- Rs.23 LPA – Rs.28 LPA

3. NEW ZEALAND- Rs.22 LPA – Rs.28 LPA

4. IRELAND- Rs.21 LPA – Rs.30 LPA

5. UK- Rs.20 LPA – Rs.29 LPA + benefits & support package

6. SINGAPORE- Rs.17 LPA – Rs.21 LPA

7. FRANCE- Rs.16 LPA – Rs.22 LPA + extra packages

8. GERMANY- Rs.16 LPA – Rs.20 LPA

9. CANADA- Rs.14 LPA – Rs.29 LPA

10. HONG KONG- Rs.13 LPA – Rs.15 LPA (Standard) | Rs.18 LPA – Rs.20 LPA (Big Four)


Turns out Switzerland has best packages available. Who would have foreseen that?  Also, major cities around the globe do pay more than the national average, so you might get a bigger piece of the pie than you would have expected. India is not far behind with average salary of Rs.8LPA.

Well if you want to earn these salaries, first you have to learn ACCA. Zell Education offers ACCA course in Mumbai to those who want to pursue a career in accounting & go to other countries. Also, find out more about Diploma in IFRS by ACCA & other benefits.

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