Again, this depends on your personal goals and aims. There are various options available for you once you’re a qualified ACCA member: Work in a financial or consulting capacity in companies such as the Big 4. This could be to gain experience, or a long term plan if the country you reside in accepts ACCA as the signing authority.

Immediately after your qualification, or post some experience gained, you can start your own business in any field fascinating you. ACCA knowledge and experience would help in many, and unexpected, ways. Study further. You could opt for a Masters program or something that could further your career. If you would like to travel overseas, the array of options you have is very vast. There is a huge demand for ACCA in the EU and Gulf countries, wherein you would not necessarily have to take few exams to achieve memberships of other bodies. In some other countries which have existing independent strong accounting bodies, for example, the USA, Canada etc, you will have to check for the applicability of ACCA. You may have to pass a few additional examinations to be able to practice independently in such countries. The field you choose to work under finance could be absolutely anything, from audit to accounts. Your choices can be targeted or various once you secure a valued qualification.

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