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      Top Finance Certifications: Online & Short Term

      Finance as an industry is evolving at a large scale with too many opportunities in every field. If you happen to have an interest in finance, you’d be happy to know that this dynamic field has no end to learning. With new financial landscapes like cryptocurrencies, NFTs, and digital money getting added to the current financial space, it is important for the current professionals and students to be updated with the latest developments in the financial field. Those interested in finance and accounting can now not only explore opportunities in India but also globally. How you may ask? Several global companies in India require accounts with international certifications to help them with their financial management. For this global skill set, the companies are willing to pay a handsome salary. Additionally, after obtaining a global finance and accounting certification and necessary licences, the pursuant can also directly look for opportunities abroad.

      After the lockdown, if there’s one sector that has evolved throughout industries, it is the financial sector. From healthcare to retail, from crypto to mutual funds, every industry requires a financial expert with a unique skill set. If you are planning to enter into the field of finance and are not sure which courses and certifications can help you get there, here’s a list of the best online and short term financial courses.

      Best Short-Term Financial Courses

      1. Introduction To Financial Markets

      If you want to learn about the field of investment and master the basics, this short term course is for you. Introduction to Financial Markets course equips students with finance and investment skills that will help them make smarter investments in stock markets, SIPs, and several other policies. This course will not only help you manage your own money in a better way but provide better suggestions to your friends and family.

      Course Duration: 3 Months

      Approximate Coaching Fees: INR 28,000 + Taxes

      Eligibility: There are no eligibility criteria for this course, anyone with a keen interest in finance can apply.

      Top Coaching Institute: Zell Education

      2. Financial Modelling

      Financial Modelling is almost a month-long course that requires prior knowledge in banking, equity research, investment banking, project finance and financial research and analysis. This course provides practical exposure to long term investments and value creation. This course also covers concepts like valuation analysis, strategy analysis, prospective analysis, DCF modelling, trading comparables and transaction comparables. You can take this course after completing the Chartered Financial Analyst course.

      Course Duration: 1 Month

      Approximate Coaching Fees: INR 9,000

      Eligibility: UG: 10+2 PG: Bachelor’s degree Certificate: 10+2 Diploma: 10+2

      Top Coaching Institute: NSE India 

      3. BSE – Ride of Investments Course

      Do you find the world of stocks and investment exciting? Then this course is what you should be choosing. The stock market can be an exciting yet tricky place to invest your money in, but you can make the right choices and invest your money smartly in stocks with this course. Offered in association with BSE, this course gives you cutting edge investment skills.

      Course Duration: 6 Months

      Approximate Coaching Fees: INR 20,000

      Eligibility: There are no eligibility criteria for this course, anyone with a keen interest in finance can apply.

      Top Coaching Institute: Zell Education

      Top Finance Online Certifications

      1. Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA)  

      The US-based Chartered Financial Analyst Institute offers this program to provide a CFA charter to the qualifiers. There are three levels that the candidates need to pass to become a CFA. This course is 2.5 years long, but it takes around 4 years to complete it on average. This course offers excellent opportunities and opens the door to the world of finance and investment.

      For registering in this course, you must be either a graduate with a bachelor’s degree or equivalent or in the final year of graduation. You will also be eligible if you have a total of four years of full-time work experience. The salary of a CFA is usually around 6 to 7 lpa.

      Course Duration:  2 to 3 Years

      Approximate Coaching Fees: From INR 20,000 to INR 75,000 (Level 1) 

      Eligibility: A student is eligible to attempt the CFA exam under the following conditions:

      • Be in their last year of graduation 
      • Have 4 years of investment-related work experience. 
      •  Be a graduate (Any field)

      Top Coaching Institute: Zell Education

      2. ACCA Course

      If you love accounting and finance, this can be an excellent option for you. This is a two-year course that is highly valued in MNCs and can increase your salary potential tremendously. Association of Certified Chartered Accountants course is recognised worldwide; it has preferential status in more than 180 countries, making it the first choice after completing your 12th grade.

      It is important to remember that one must finish three years in a practical location before being eligible for the ACCA certification. The course period varies as per the student’s qualification; they will have to give fewer exams; hence the time of the course will also lessen.

      The minimum eligibility for registration in an ACCA course is 10+2 with at least a 65% aggregate score in Maths, Accounts, and English, and 50% in other subjects. The average salary of ACCA ranges from 6 to 15 lpa.

      Course Duration:  6 months to  2 years

      Approximate Coaching Fees: From INR 25,000 – INR 1,20,000 

      Eligibility: You can apply for this even after completing 12th grade with an average score of 65% in Maths and English and 50% in other subjects.

      Top Coaching Institute: Zell Education

      3. US CMA Course 

      The US CMA course is one of the top trending courses in the field of financial management. This course is not a regular accounting course that equips you with decision making, performance management, planning and budgeting skills, but also helps you guide your company better. While the US CMA course is a short term course, it isn’t that easy to clear. It requires patience and dedication to clear the examinations, along with a regular study plan. Once you’ve cleared this course, be sure to get offers from some of the best MNCs.

      Course Duration:  6 months to 9 months

      Approximate Coaching Fees: From INR 7 lpa

      Eligibility: The candidate should have cleared their 12th-grade exams. However, to become a certified US CMA professional, you must also complete 2 years of work experience along with your CMA exam papers. 

      Top Coaching Institute: Zell Education

      We hope that with these professional certifications by your side you’re able to create a successful career for yourself in the field of finance and accounting. To check out all our professional courses and the services, visit our website or simply call us on 8976970578, and we’d be happy to guide you through.


      1. Which online certification is the best for Finance?
      The Introduction to Financial Markets is the shortest and one of the most exciting courses for those interested in the field of investments and stock markets.

      2. Which financial certification pays the most?
      If you bring incentives into the picture then Chartered Financial Analysts (CFA) earn the most, followed by Certified Management Accountants.

      3. Is a career in finance worth it?
      Yes, a career in finance is worth it because it’s a fast-growing industry with a diverse range of job profiles for every skill set.


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