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      Top Career Options After BMS: What to do After BMS? [2024]

      One of the top-rated courses where you can learn business basics is the Bachelor in Management System (BMS). A management expert can not only efficiently run an organisation, but they can also create efficient product and service solutions for consumers. However, the evolving job market prioritises skilled and experienced professionals, so gaining academic and professional experience is highly necessary. 

      So, for those of you wondering, “what should I do after a BMS course” we have listed the top courses you can pursue and employment options to venture into after achieving the BMS degree in 2024.

      Career Options for BMS Graduates in 2024

      1. Financial Executive

      As a Financial or Accounts executive, you will have to maintain your employer’s accounts, help file taxes, and oversee transactions. You might have to work with various teams or workforces within an organisation to guide them towards cost-efficient work plans.

      Best courses for a career as a Financial Executive: Chartered Financial Analyst course, Certified Public Accountant, MBA in Finance and Financial Risk Management are some of the courses you can take to prepare for a career in finance after completing your BMS degree. 

      Placement options: Companies with a high demand for financial executives are Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan Chase & Co, Barclays, and State Bank of India.

      Salary: A Financial Executive in India earns an average of ₹ 4.25 LPA per year 

      Finance Executive Salary in India 2024

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      2. Human Resources Administrator

      If you are wondering, “what can I do after my BMS degree?” and do not have any specific employment sector in mind, then Human Resources (HR) is your best bet. The versatile nature of this job requires you to employ multiple communication skills, interact with and connect the employees to the management, and hire the best talent.

      Courses for a career as Human Resources Administrator:  Certified Human Resources Manager, Human Resource Certification by the University of Minnesota and People Analytics course by the University of Cambridge are some of the certification courses in HR administration you can pursue after a BMS degree.  

      Placement Options:  IBM, Capgemini, Ericsson, and Amazon are some of the companies that have a high demand for Human Resources Administrators. 

      Salary: The average annual salary of an HR administrator in India is INR 4.1 LPA. HRA salary

      HR Administrator Salary in Administration in India 2024


      3. Business Consultant

      With a graduate degree in business management, you will have the skills to understand the complex operations of an enterprise. Established companies and start-up ventures are looking for skilled advisors to guide them in optimising their business strategies. 

      As a Business Consultant, you will work closely with your clients to solve their business problems and reach goals. 

      Best courses for a career as a business consultant: Certification courses like Project Management Professional, Certified Management Accountant, and Talent Optimisation Consultant Certification will help you advance your career in this field. 

      Placement options: Accenture, Bain & Company, PwC, and Kepler are some companies that recruit business consultants.

      Salary: The average salary of a Business Consultant in India is INR 13 LPA. 

      Business Consultant Salary in India 2024


      4. Marketing Executive

      Marketing would be one of the areas in which you can flourish as a BMS graduate. As a Marketing Executive, you must collaborate with financial analysts and sales engineers to create innovative marketing strategies for product sales. You have a higher chance of being employed to oversee a company’s marketing department if you have an MBA degree after BMS. 

      Best courses for a career as a Marketing Executive: After a BMS, you can enrol in a certification or post-graduate course with a specialisation in marketing. Candidates aspiring to be Marketing Executives can sign up for MBA Marketing, BBA Marketing, or a BBA in Digital Marketing.

      Placement options: McKinsey, Google, Pepsico, American Express, and Procter & Gamble are some companies that recruit marketing executives. 

      Salary: The average salary for a Marketing Executive in India is INR 3.3 LPA.

      Marketing Executive Salary in India 2024


      Courses to apply for after BMS in 2024

      Certified Management Accountant: 

      Administered by the US-based Institute of Management Accountants, the Certified Management Accountant (CMA) Course trains candidates to use their accounting and business expertise to devise core strategies for business optimisation. Financial planning, cost management and decision analysis are some of the key skills taught in this course. 

      Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA):

      The CFA Institute, USA, offers the CFA certificate course, one of the most sought-after professional courses for BMS graduates. In India, the CFA Institute has partnered with a few reputed institutions and educational service providers to help investment management professionals develop analytical skills in finance, such as budget planning and seeking out profitable investment opportunities for businesses. 

      Master of Business Administration (MBA):

      Master of Business Administration: An MBA is your best bet to gain theoretical and practical insights into the effective management of business issues and situations with holistic training on marketing strategies, accounting, finance management, and sales. To get admission to an MBA program, you must clear the Common Admission Test (CAT) or the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT), followed by individual and group interview rounds. 

      Postgraduate Diploma in Management:

      This one-year professional program trains aspirants in business economics, English, fundamental mathematics, and financial accountancy. The course takes a practical approach and encourages teamwork to tackle real-life situations in potential workplaces.

      Upskill with Zell Education after a BMS Degree  

      Are you looking to specialise in a particular field after a BMS degree? Zell Education is here to help you grow professionally with internationally-acclaimed courses. Here are three courses you can check out if you are looking for career options after BMS in finance. 

      US CMA

      The Certified Management Accountant Course from Zell Education is suitable for graduates and those who have passed 12th grade. In the US CMA course, you will learn about risk management, forecasting, budgeting, internal controls and more.


      This UK-based programme from the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants course is for professionals who want to practice accountancy in India and overseas.  This program has three levels: knowledge, skill, and professional. The syllabus includes management accounting, financial accounting, taxation, strategic business reporting, and more.


      Chartered Financial Analyst is another post-BMS program where candidates can gain an international degree in the field of finance. You will be trained on some of the most highly demanded skill sets required in the economic sector, such as corporate finance, equity investments, and fixed income. 


      We have listed only a few career options you can explore after getting a BMS degree in 2024. Once you realise where your strengths and passions lie, deciding the next step becomes much simpler. Contact us to learn more about the courses we offer at Zell Education.


      What is the best option after BMS?
      The best career options after BMS are job opportunities in Finance, Management or Entrepreneurship in managerial roles and consultancy services. You can work as a Human Resources Administrator, an executive in Finance or Marketing, or a Business Consultant.

      What is the scope after BMS?
      Suppose you want to further augment your skills after pursuing a Bachelor’s in Management Studies. In that case, there is always the option to choose from an MBA (Master of Business Administration) degree, a CFA course, a CMA course, or a Post Graduate Diploma in Management. You can also try out managerial or executive positions in marketing and finance departments, as a Business Consultant, or as a Human Resources Administrator in government organizations and private firms.


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