Top 10 In-Demand Jobs Of The Future

The future has always been an unpredictable concept that’s controlled by the present. When it comes to economic growth, future industries and ideal careers, there’s no definite answer to what might be the best direction to move into. However, based on the current change in economic dynamics, certain careers have picked up immense popularity. And their popularity is only set to rise from here. Curious about which careers are predicted to prosper in the future? We have a list that’s sure to keep you hooked till the end!

Here are the top 10 careers of the future that offer interesting learning and growth opportunities.

Top 10 In Demand Jobs for the Future

1. Software Developer:

While you sit in your chair or sofa, comfortably reading this article, have you wondered how is it that this article, written by a writer from one corner of the world, is able to communicate with anyone who has access to the internet? How are tons and tons of people able to provide data, share their knowledge and even messages? Who makes it possible? The answer to these questions is one profession – Software Development.
A Software Developer is the one who ensures that a website or any other online platform is interactive and functions well at all times. They apply the right codes to your website applications and content, leading the customer to the correct place.


2. Professional Coaching Tutors 

The pandemic was a 2 year-long period wherein we witnessed several changes in the job market including  ‘The Great Resignation’.  During this time many professionals, majorly in the US, quit their jobs without another job offer in their hands to upskill themselves with professional learning courses. Some of the professionals who wanted to change their fields, found the pandemic to be an ideal time to learn online and switch to the field they wish to with adequate knowledge and skills. 

Thus, the demand for Professional Coaching Tutors rose to a great extent, allowing teachers to share their professional knowledge and industry experience. 


3. Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA)

Want to pursue Chartered Accountancy without the hassle of giving additional country-specific exams? ACCA is the way to go. ACCA is a globally recognised Chartered Accountancy qualification that allows you to practice as a global Chartered Accountant in the US, UK, UAE and more than 180 other countries. This course is speedily gaining popularity among accountancy aspirants as it allows professionals to work and settle abroad.

By taking up the ACCA Course through a platinum approved partner like Zell Education, you can fast track your career trajectory with cutting edge skills. As businesses continue to prosper, the demand for Chartered Accountants around the globe is only set to rise. If you start today, you’re sure to build a successful future for yourself.

4. Digital Marketing 

During the pandemic, when businesses had to close their doors, the only way for actual sales to happen was through online marketing and advertising. While the digital era is way anyway becoming more and more prominent, the pandemic only fueled this growth and made the digital marketing industry stronger than ever with multiple exciting professions and creative possibilities. No matter which profession you choose in Digital Marketing, be it brand management or performance marketing, you’re sure to experience growth and learning opportunities in your field.


5. Robotics

Now that we’re talking about the future, here comes the most futuristic profession that every science and technology enthusiast is now looking forward to – Robotics. The Sci-Fi movies we once saw in the past are predicted to come alive, with robots helping us in every walk of life. Every aspect of modern living is now heavily influenced by robotics, healthcare, mechanical engineering, software development and many more. Even Oceanics these days, use robotics to find out the watery depths that cannot be travelled by humans.

Since it’s a futuristic profession that’s slowly building its base amidst industries, there are very few Universities in Asia that offer this course. In India, Manipal Institute of Technology, Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur and Amity University are some of the top learning institutes.


6. Business Analytics

Business is a dynamic field with customer behaviour and buying patterns constantly fluctuating as per new trends and lifestyle changes. In such cases, making the right decisions and strategic changes is extremely important, as every wrong decision could not only cost you immense losses but also affect your brand image. That’s why every business needs a Business Analytics Manager who can analyse the data from past spending and income to map out the next steps for strategic investments and campaigns.

With businesses going online and tons of financial data coming in from different sources, it’s important to compile it all and arrive at a conclusion that will help you make informed decisions. That’s why the need for a Business Analyst is on the rise.


7. Multimedia Artists and Animators

Love watching cartoons, Anime and playing action-packed video games for stress-busting? Imagine conceptualising and creating these virtual games and series yourself for different users. Yes, you heard that right! Now you can easily create exciting games and series using modern VFX and trending concepts by becoming a Multimedia Artist or Animator. 

Due to the hybrid learning and working model adopted in many countries, most people are enjoying more time indoors than outdoors. That’s why you’re experiencing a surge in the number of OTT and gaming platforms. By switching to the creator side you’ll be enjoying an exciting work profile along with a good salary package.


8. Registered Nurses (RN)

If there’s one thing that the pandemic taught us, it’s that the field of Healthcare needs more technological advancements and skilled resources. Registered nurses were majorly in demand back and still are, due to the immediate and personalised care they offer to their patients.  After becoming a Registered Nurse, you can also choose to work abroad and get exciting salary packages with multiple benefits.


9. Management Accountants

Every business or corporate firm today needs a Management Accountant who can easily manage and analyse the income and expenditure and help the company make better financial decisions. A Certified Management Accountant not only guides the company towards improving cash flows but also helps identify prominent risks and find the right solutions for them. To become a globally accepted CMA, you can pursue a US Certified Management Accountant from Zell Education which trains you professionally for 6 to 9 months.


10. Human Resources 

As per Glassdoor’s list of 50 best jobs to look out for in 2022, the post of Human Resource Manager was seen to have achieved a top rank due to the massive hiring changes. During the past two years, many employees were switching jobs in the search of work-life balance, flexibility and a better compensation package. To hire more employees and retain existing talent, HR Managers were required to build an employee-friendly culture. Even though the pandemic has eased its hold over the world, the need for flexibility and work-life balance continues to stay and that’s why the demand for Human Resource Managers is on the rise.


While some salaries may not seem as tempting right now, understand that these careers are gaining popularity by the day and it’s only a matter of time before the bar raises itself by 10x. All you need is a passion for the career you’ve chosen and the willingness to continuously upskill yourself. However, if a good salary, overseas settlement and a prestigious global career is what matters to you, ACCA Course  is what you should be pursuing after your class 12th.

Which profession in Finance is currently gaining popularity?

As per our internal database, most Indian students are currently opting for ACCA due to the scope and opportunities it offers.

Which Job is going to be highly in demand by 2030?

Robotics and Data Science will require experts from every industry for analysing and managing data.

Which field would offer the highest salary in the future?

It’s difficult to predict which career will help you achieve the highest salary in the future. However, looking at the current statistics, it’s sure that Finance, Analytics and Healthcare are going to be the ruling industries.

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