is ACCA Recognised in Canada

There’s no doubt about the fact that accounting and finance jobs are booming in Canada. As the country progresses at a fast pace economically, so makes the demand for financial services. If you are planning on pursuing international accounting courses that are recognised in multiple countries, you need to understand that for specific courses there will still be a procedure that you need to follow. For example, every country has their own CPA course, if you’ve completed your US CPA course and wish to work in Canada after a while, you’ll still have to give specific papers to gain your signing license. Similarly, for the ACCA course, if you plan to settle and work in Canada, here’s what you need to know.

acca recognized in canada

Is ACCA equivalent to a degree in Canada?

Association of Chartered Certified Accountants is a UK based accounting degree that’s recognised in 180 countries. If you happen to complete all the papers of this degree then your ACCA course is equivalent to a three year degree in Canada. However, you need to make sure that your assessment is done through a reputed organisation like World Education Services (WES). This process of getting your degree recognised is  Canada is quite simple. All you need to do is –

  • Ask the ACCA board to send your transcripts along with a letter confirming that you are an ACCA member to the WES
  • Your professional level passing certificates or any other certificates that you might have received from the ACCA board need to be submitted directly by you
  • Provide the World Education Services with your reference number which you may receive after registration and payment

Is ACCA recognised in Canada?

Currently, ACCA also known as the Association Of Certified Chartered Accountants is not directly recognised in Canada. For ACCA professionals to work in Canada, there was a mutually recognised agreement signed by the ACCA board and CGA Canada. As per this agreement, ACCA professionals, were directly allowed to practice accountancy in Ontario, Canada. However, this agreement expired in April 2021, and hasn’t been renewed until now.

The good news is that this agreement expiration is not the deadend for ACCA professionals. There’s still another way that ACCA professionals get to CPA Ontario, this pathway is called ‘member of accounting body outside Canada’.

Can you pursue ACCA in Canada?

While ACCA on its website mentions that there are several ACCA learning providers in Canada, however there’s only one ACCA approved learning institute that offers face to face learning and that’s Toronto School of Management. The rest of the learning providers offer E-learning that can be done from almost anywhere. If you are an Indian student who specifically wants to pursue ACCA to work in Canada, learning from a Platinum Approved Learning partner in India link Zell Education that can assist you with work opportunities in Canada. 

How to find an ACCA related Job in Canada?

ACCA professionals can choose to work at top MNCs in India and then ask for a transfer to Canada. There are other portals also that are great for hunting ACCA jobs in Canada. Some of the most popular portals are listed below.

  • Linkedin
  • Indeed
  • Government of Canada Job Bank

Please note that as per the guidelines, ACCAs need to apply for a Social Insurance Number (SIN) to get a job in Canada.

Top hiring firms in Canada for ACCAs

There are several firms that hire ACCAs in Canada. Most of these companies include global MNCs with firms located in different countries. Here’s a glimpse into the top hiring firms for ACCA in Canada.

  • Deloitte LLP
  • Collins Barrow
  • KPMG
  • BDO Canada
  • Pricewater House Coopers (PwC)
  • Ernst & Young
  • Grand Thorton Canada

How much does an ACCA earn in Canada?

If you’re wondering about the salary you’ll gain as an ACCA professional in Canada, here’s simplifying your doubts with a recent research on ACCA salaries in Canada. This will also help you identify the demand and popularity of each professional stream you choose.

acca salary in canada


Working as a ACCA professional in Canada will require a procedure that can be simplified if you have a Platinum Approved Learning partner by your side. Zell Education can guide you through every step in the way with the help of our experts and placement connections. To get in touch with us, click on the WhatsApp icon on the side and share your queries.

The ACCA qualification is recognized in over 180 countries including Canada, Singapore, and Australia. If you’ve made the decision to become a global CA and are contemplating your next move, we can help you take a step forward. Check out our Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) course to learn more.

Will ACCA get me a job in Canada?

ACCA is at present not recognised in Canada, however, you can apply for a job through another pathway known as the ‘member of accounting body outside Canada’.

Is the finance and accounting industry growing in Canada?

Yes, the finance and accounting industry is growing at a fast pace in Canada bringing in a number of jobs.

Is ACCA equal to Master's degree in Canada?

After taking the ACCA Professional level your professional degree becomes equivalent to a Master’s degree in Canada.

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