Chartered Financial Analyst Salary in India

A Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) course is offered by the CFA institute that’s globally recognised and highly acknowledged. If you’ve always dreamed of working at international banks, investment firms, and popular corporations then the CFA course can help you there. But before you embark on this journey, know that to clear all three CFA levels, you need to dedicate 900 hours of total study time. Fret not, once you get through this study process and clear all your 3 CFA levels i.e, knowledge level, skill level and professional level, the charterholder title is worth every effort you’ve put in considering the overall compensation and incentives you’re going to receive.

Want to know how much you can make as a CFA in India? Here’s a detailed overview for you.

1. Job profile

While CFA is a professional course in finance and investments, there are still various job profiles you can choose from once you’ve completed your course. Based on your skill set, you can choose a stream that suits you the most. Additionally, each of these profiles has a different pay scale. Here’s a view of the job profiles after CFA and the salary you can get.


2. Location

The demand for CFAs is particularly high in economically developed cities of India that consist of several MNCs. Since Mumbai is the financial hub of India, the highest demand for CFAs along with the high pay can be found in Mumbai city. Here’s the location wise CFA salary distribution as per different cities of India. 

Cities of India Salary 
Chennai ₹827,230 lpa
Mumbai  ₹790,957 lpa
Hyderabad ₹700,000 lpa
Pune ₹614,451 lpa
Bangalore ₹508,682 lpa
Delhi  ₹491,318 lpa


3. Company

The company you choose to work in also makes a huge difference to your salary. However, you need before you make your final decision of choosing any company, make sure that you consider the learning, growth, opportunities, and your professional development. Here are some of the top companies  in India that hire CFAs and the salary they offer.


4. Experience

The more experience a professional has, the more responsibility, decisions and leadership positions they can handle. Experience really makes a huge difference to your salary. As freshers, the CFA salary starts from 3 lakhs for level 1, whereas for experienced professionals, the salary of a CFA can a 


Compared to several other fields in finance, a CFA earns a higher salary considering the incentives you can gain. However, the skills you have in the field of finance and investment really matter. To achieve cutting-edge skills in the field of finance, you need a coaching institute that imparts practical training. The Chartered Financial Analyst is a globally recognised qualification in the field of finance and investment. If you have recently completed your graduation or are appearing for your final semester, you may be eligible to become a CFA. Interested? We highly recommend checking out our Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) course.

Which city in India has the maximum opportunities for CFA?

Since Mumbai is the financial hub of India, comprising several MNCs, innovative startups, banks and financial institutions it offers the maximum number of opportunities followed by Bangalore.

Is there a demand for CFAs in India?

The demand for CFAs in India has increased drastically over the years, with every company having its finances looked over by Financial Analysts. The earning potential of CFAs has now crossed 10 lpa.

How many CFA charterholders are there in the world?

As per the CFA institute, there are more than 160,000 CFA charterholders around the globe at 164 locations. The CFA Institute has about nine offices internationally and there are 161 local societies.

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