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      CFA Scope and Job Opportunities in 2024: Top Recruiting Sectors

      CFA or Chartered Financial Analyst is one of the most prestigious courses in the field of finance. Offered by the CFA Institute which is a worldwide association of investment professionals, this course equips students with cutting-edge investment knowledge and expertise. The investment sector is gaining popularity with every passing year, mainly because of the rise of the stock market and the long term benefits one can gain after investing in the right companies. Most commerce students prefer taking up this examination after successfully completing their graduation. However, even students from arts and science streams who have an interest in the investment sector and have a knack for the stock market can also apply for the CFA examinations. Additionally, the CFA Institute provides different scholarship programs that help make this course more accessible. If you’ve already made up your mind to apply for the CFA program post your graduation, you must be wondering about the CFA scope and job opportunities in 2024 it has to offer in recent times. 

      Well, then you are at the right place because we’re about to share some gainful insights on CFA scope and job opportunities.

      Job Opportunities One Can Get After CFA

      There are various exciting professions one can consider after completing the CFA course. Here are some of the top trending professions after pursuing a CFA degree. These professions not only offer high salary packages but also exciting incentives. 

      Job Profiles 

      Average Salary 

      Portfolio Manager

      7L – ₹28.6L/yr (Glassdoor)

      Investment Banker

      ₹7L – ₹20.0L/yr  (Glassdoor)

      Credit Analyst

      ₹5L – ₹11.7L/yr  (Glassdoor)

      Hedge Fund Manager

      ₹13.0L – ₹14.1L/yr  (Glassdoor)

      Risk Analyst

      ₹5L – ₹10.6L/yr  (Glassdoor)

      Top Recruiting Sectors For CFAs

      Tech Firms

      Banking and Finance
      Legal firms

      Stock Broking Firms

      Investment firms

      Trade Mark Companies
      Mutual funds

      Auditing Firms


      Top Firms That Hire A Chartered Financial Analyst 

      There are many firms that hire CFA professionals on successful completion of their course. Since CFA equips students with in-depth investment knowledge, most CFAs can also choose to work independently rather than working for a company. However, to build your initial networking base and gain quality experience, it is recommended to work for some big firms before starting out on your own.

      Here’s a list of firms that are currently hiring CFA professionals

      Countries You Can Work In After Completing CFA

      Chartered Financial Analyst is a globally recognised course that enables you to work in several different countries. Want to know which are the top hiring countries for CFA professionals? Here’s a glimpse.

      • UAE
      • Hong Kong 
      • China
      • Canada
      • USA
      • Australia
      • South Africa

      We hope we’ve cleared all your doubts regarding the scope of CFA and the job opportunities you can gain after completing this course. If you have recently completed your graduation or are appearing for your final semester, you may be eligible to become a CFA. We highly recommend checking out our Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) course.

      FAQ’s on CFA Scope and Job Opportunities in 2024

      Is CFA in demand?

      The demand for CFA in India is increasing by the day, mainly because of the advancement of the financial sector. With cryptocurrencies and NFTs gaining more popularity and widening the scope of the financial industry, the demand for CFAs is also set to spike up.

      What are the top hiring companies for CFA?

      Some of the top hiring firms for CFA are PwC, EY, JP Morgan Chase, Wells Fargo, and International banks like HSBC, Royal Bank of Canada, and TD Bank.

      What is the salary of a CFA in Hong Kong?

      The average salary of a Chartered Financial Analyst in Hong Kong is HK $590,476. The salary, however, can range from HK$203k to HK$2m.


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