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      CPA Salary in India & USA: Average to Highest (2024)

      Last Update On 25th June 2024
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      US Certified Public Accountant is slowly yet steadily gaining popularity as a global accounting profession. While most students might be aware of this course, very few understand the job responsibilities, scope and payscale they may achieve after finally completing the course. Well, in that case, we assure you that once you’re equipped with these details, there’s no going back to considering any regular accounting course. 

      Gaining a US CPA license is no easy task, but rest assured, it’s undoubtedly the most prestigious one that will allow you to become a Chartered Public Accountant of the US. However, before you embark on this challenging journey, you would want to know about the compensation and benefits this profession might bring you, whether you wish to work in India or the US. Based on different factors such as location, experience, job profile, industry and the country you wish to work in, here is the salary differentiation you can expect.

      Apart from the job’s repute and ethics, the salary is the most prominent aspect of a CPA role. It has been found in various reports that a CPA certificate holder earns 10-15% more on an average than other fellow accountants. In India, INR 6,93,985 is the average salary pa for a CPA, as per In many cities like Mumbai, the salary can go as high as 20.5 LPA. As per Glassdoor, the average CPA salary is $69T – $1L/yr per year (USD)/yr, this figure was derived from 360 salaries reported, updated 10 Feb 2024. These average salaries, however, are affected by different factors.

      CPA Salary Based on Job Profile

      Since Certified Public Accountant is an advanced accounting profession, there are several career opportunities to explore based on your level of expertise. Some of the most preferred career options after successfully completing a US CPA are Tax Advisory and Planning, Auditing Services, Management and Consulting Services, Forensic Accounting, Financial Reporting, etc. Here’s a glimpse into the salaries offered to US CPAs based on the profession they choose.

      US CPA Salary in India Based on Job Profile 

      US CPA Salary in India


      US CPA Salaries in The US Based on Job Profile

      Highest Paying Cities for CPA


      CPA Salaries for Freshers in India

      An Entry level or a Fresher CPA earns around 6 Lakhs per annum in India, i.e. about 50,000 rs per month. Metro Cities like Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi etc the average salary can go as high as 13.8 Lakhs per annum. This also varies from company to company. If you join a big 4 MNC a qualified CPA salary can be in the range of  12.5 Lakhs per annum to 23 Lakhs per annum.

      CPA Salary based on Location:

      A better location ensures better access for both the company and the employee. Thus, living and working in a prime location comes with remuneration benefits. This puts a stamp on the fact that the bigger the city, the better the median salary for a CPA. A proficient location also offers better access to opportunities and better living standards, which adds up to job satisfaction.

      Country Salary
      USA $90,000 (USD)/yr
      Australia $113,035 (AUD)/yr
      Canada $100,291 (CAD)/yr
      Japan ¥7,755,349 (JPY)/yr
      India ₹9,12,663 (INR)/yr

      Salaries based on location are heavily dependent on how well the country’s economy is doing. Countries that are economically strong tend to have a huge requirement for financial professionals and are ready to welcome them with attractive salaries. However, before you choose the country you wish to work in, also consider the standard of living. 

      CPA Salary Based on Experience:

      As you gain experience, the pay increases considerably. Most of the time, your experience and expertise become the key factor in determining the pay. Hence, the more responsibilities you handle, the higher the salary is withdrawn. To climb up the corporate ladder, along with work experience, several candidates also prefer taking up short courses to gain a salary hike.

      US CPA Salary in India Based on Experience

      US CPA Salary in India Based on Experience


      Salary Package Achieved in the US Based on Experience


      CPA Salary Based on Industry

      Factually, Certified Public Accountants earn more than non-certified ones. As specified above, they can work in auditing, taxation, assurance, and advisory fields in the Big Fours, accredited international firms, and other local firms. The more in-trend an industry is, the more pay you receive. After the pandemic, there are certain industries that are gaining more popularity than the others such as food, healthcare, and EdTech. Here are some of the top industries hiring US CPAs.

      US CPA Salary in India based on industry 

      Industry Average Annual Salary
      PetroChemicals Companies 12 lpa
      FMCG Companies 10 lpa
      Engineering & Construction 9 lpa
      Pharmaceutical & Life Sciences 7 lpa
      Education / Training Companies 6 lpa

      US CPA Salary in the US based on industry 

      Industry Average Annual Salary
      Real Estate $16 /hr
      Education / Training Companies $38T -$2L
      Finance & Insurance Companies $78,600
      Government Accounting Services $72,260
      Database Management  $53T – $86T


      CPA Salary based on Company Size

      The company size also plays an important role in deciding the opportunities you ight gain to better your salary. An MNC or any other large company might have multiple growth options depending on the hierarchy, departments and responsibilities available. On the other hand, working for a small or medium sized company would ensure that you’d be a part of the major financial decisions taken by the company and would receive more exposure and learning opportunities.

      Company-wise differentiation of US CPA salary in India

      Company-wise differentiation of US CPA salary in the US


      Preparing for the CPA examination is going to take some high-level preparation. The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) is one of the top regulatory bodies of CPA that provides great preparatory courses to help students prepare well for the examinations. The CAs in India can also take the certification programme to add to their credentials. 

      Other than that, Zell Education provides specialised courses to guarantee great preparation and guidance through their advanced bestseller courses in different batches and test series. Moreover, there are so many free online resources available online, which can help students steer their planning in the right direction. 

      Cracking the CPA examination and becoming one is not easy, but it’s worth it in terms of benefits and payout. Zell Education is committed to making US CPA preparation much more effective, helping one withdraw their dream salary from their desired designation. The journey might be difficult, but with the right guidance and apt consistency, it will become a cakewalk in no time, giving a settled, esteemed, and successful life to anyone who pursues the noble position.

      The US CPA qualification is recognised worldwide and can open doors to opportunities in Europe, Asia and North America. If you are an accounting professional looking to boost your career or just curious to learn about the course, we suggest you check out our Certified Public Accountant (CPA) course to learn more.

      FAQ’s on US CPA:

      Are the US CPA examinations difficult to clear?

      The difficulty of this exam certainly amounts to its reputation and worth. The exam consists of four sections, testing different areas of the knowledge in accountancy, namely Auditing and Attestation (AUD), Business Environment and Concepts (BEC), Financial Accounting and Reporting (FAR), Regulation (REG).

      What is the eligibility criteria for the US CPA course?

      To be eligible for becoming a US CPA, the individual must have 150 credits. These credits can be fulfilled if you have completed your undergraduate degree as well as a postgraduate degree or if you have pursued a professional course like CA after graduation.

      What are the Job Options for US CPA in India?

      CPAs can easily work in any domain in accountancy in India. They can work as public, management, and tax accountants and lead in other accounting roles in the government sector and NGOs. Apart from that, as a CPA, you can also work on designations like Chief Financial Analyst and Finance Manager while working majorly on auditing and attesting functions. Many multinational companies hire CPAs to take care of their finance and accounting requirements, thus promising a good salary and job opportunities.


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