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      Advice on How to Clear ACCA Papers by Top Scorers

      What is ACCA and Papers?

      If you desire to be a perfect fit for an international accounting career, you must pursue globally recognized professional courses like the ACCA. If you have a minimum educational qualification of Class 12th with a decent score of 65%, you can pursue ACCA. 

      The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants is based in the UK and is responsible for conducting the ACCA certification course. You can get the ACCA certification and membership once you have cleared all the level exams. ACCA-certified candidates get recognition globally and get opportunities in senior job roles in the accounting and finance sector. ACCA is the oldest accounting program in the world and currently is spread out in 180 countries. 

      Most multinational companies prefer ACCA candidates because the ACCA curriculum is a combination of in-depth accounting knowledge and strategic skills. The curriculum is divided into three levels:

      Knowledge Level:

      The first level that you must cross is the Applied Knowledge Level. This level offers you a basic knowledge of accounting and finance. The subjects that you will cover at this level are Business & Technology, Management Accounting, and Financial Accounting. 

      Skills Level:

      After you have crossed the Knowledge level, you enter the second level. The Skills level indulges in advanced accounting knowledge combined with strategic skills. You will come across Corporate & Business Law, Performance Management, Taxation, Financial Reporting, Audit & Assurance, and Financial Management at this level. 

      Professional Level:

      This is the last level of ACCA and as the name says, it enhances your professional side in the accounting sector. The Professional Level has two sub-categories. Under the category of Essentials, you must cover the mandatory subjects that are Strategic Business Reporting, and Strategic Leader. 

      The other subcategory Optional has four subjects which are Advanced Audit & Assurance, Advanced Performance Management, Advanced Taxation, and Advanced Financial Management. From these subjects, you have to choose any two subjects. 

      You have to complete all 13 ACCA papers if you have a minimum qualification of Class 12th. But you can enjoy exemptions if you have higher educational qualifications before pursuing ACCA. For example, if you are a graduate or have achieved your Master’s degree, you can leave out 4 papers. With higher qualifications, you get higher exemptions. 

      Coming to the ACCA paper, each level exam is different from the other. The exam for the Knowledge Level is 2 hours while the duration for the other two levels is 3 hours each. Each level exam has 2 sections and you will get different questions like multiple choice questions along with long format questions in the Knowledge Level. Similarly, you will have to prepare for multitask questions and questions based on case studies for the next two levels. 

      The ACCA exam is not that difficult, compared to other major accounting exams like CA. According to sources, you have a 40%-50% chance to clear the ACCA exams. All that you require is smart work and devotion. 

      Insights From ACCA Toppers

      If you are aiming at ACCA, it is normal for you to be conscious about how to crack the exams. With three levels to cross with so many subjects, you may get nervous. Also, your school time study routine is not going to help you in cracking this professional exam. 

      So, how to get into the 50% category that passes through the ACCA exams? One of the best ways is to walk through the path chosen by the ACCA toppers. Here are some amazing insights from ACCA toppers that you can absorb and implement. 

      Start Early and Stay Consistent

      Whether it is the ACCA paper or some other exam, one rule that always works is to start your preparations early. When you rush at the last moment, you have to drop many essential topics that may lead to poor scores on the exam. Hence, one of the best ways is to stay determined and start your preparations as soon as you complete your Class 12th. Give ample time to completion of each subject’s syllabus. Do not rush to complete the course early by attempting more than one exam in close gaps. Focus on the level that you are trying to clear first and then jump to the next level’s exams. 

      Learn Through Practice

      ACCA is a professional certification course. So, you cannot pass the exam just by going through the modules. You have to practice what you have learned. Practice as many question papers as possible. Take out the last 10 years ACCA question papers and practice them regularly. When you practice these question papers, you get familiar with the question types and you do not face difficulty during the actual exam. Also, regular practice will improve your time management and will help you in completing the exam on time. 

      Seek Support

      While you are preparing for the ACCA paper, you may get stuck with certain topics at different places. Ignoring these roadblocks is not a great idea. One of the best ways is to seek help in terms of community members, friend groups, and even mentors. Join a good coaching center where you can get faculties to solve your issues and help you prepare for the exam even better. The faculties will also offer you the necessary feedback after you have taken a mock test. This feedback will help you in improving your performance in the next mock test sessions. Moreover, a guide or a mentor will enhance your learning experience and will boost your confidence. 

      Stay Motivated

      Along with hard work, motivation is also the key to success in ACCA. When you start your ACCA journey, you should make your mind up that this is not going to be an easy route. But you have to stay motivated to move ahead, crossing all challenges. Take small steps of passing each level slowly and steadily. Learn from your mistakes and always stay positive. Practice mind exercises like meditation to keep yourself positive and focused on your target. 

      There will be times when you may break down because of the consistent ongoing preparation or when a mock test session goes bad. You must not let all these factors impact you. Always remember the zeal that you had while starting your ACCA journey. Also, aim at the fruitful results that you will bear after you become a successful ACCA member and will enjoy a great career in the future. 

      ACCA Paper

      Strategies From ACCA Top Scorers

      When you are on your ACCA route, you cannot stay settled with a mediocre score. You must aim for top scores to get through some of the top-notch multinational companies and crack a handsome salary package. If you wish to score high, just working hard is not going to help. You have to work smart. Take advice from the ACCA top scorers to know their strategies to score high in the ACCA. 

      Focus on The Syllabus and Study Guide

      You have to understand one crucial point, the ACCA paper is completely based on the syllabus prescribed by the Association. There is no point in wasting your time in preparing for anything that is out of the prescribed syllabus. When you focus on the syllabus, there are high chance that you will get familiar questions that you can easily answer at the exam. Go through the study guide to understand how to prepare for the exam. The study guide is a huge help that will guide you through your preparation journey. 

      Practice as Many Questions as Possible

      When you have a prescribed syllabus in front of you, you must not leave anything out of it. Focus and complete every chapter and topic that you have. Practice all possible questions from each topic. You can collect the last 10 years’ question papers or even can get ACCA question banks available in the market. Do not leave out any questions unsolved. When you practice as many questions as possible after completing the whole syllabus, you will find many questions common in the exam. 

      Learn Exam Technique

      The ACCA question pattern has lots of commands mentioned on them regarding the marking. You may notice step marking for examples, showing calculations, or any other activities in many questions. Do not miss out on these step markings. Often, you may not score marks in a particular question but these step markings can still secure you some scores in it. As you practice more mock test papers, you become aware of these techniques. Learn them and make good use of them to fetch as much score as possible in your exams. 

      Focus on Weaker Areas

      One very common mistake that most ACCA aspirants make is leaving out the sections that they feel are difficult. Many candidates think that they will focus on other topics and will score marks out of it. But what will you do when you get the maximum number of questions from the sections that you have left out? Thus, you must not avoid any sections, rather should pay special attention to the weaker areas. You can get in touch with a tuition class where the faculties can help you understand the sections better. 

      So, there is a lot to do over the next couple of months if you are preparing for the ACCA paper. While you may have molded your mind for the upcoming hectic schedule, it is essential to take care of yourself too. If you fall ill, you cannot manage such a hectic routine, ultimately dropping out exam. Take regular breaks in between studies, socialize to keep your mind energetic, and indulge in a healthy lifestyle to get maximum support from a healthy body and mind. 


      ACCA is one of the most prestigious accounting certification programs globally. So, cracking through the exams to become an ACCA member is a dream for many candidates from accounting backgrounds. You can crack through the exams efficiently with hard work, consistent devotion, and lots of practice. The ACCA-level exam preparations call for perfection and smart work. 

      The ideal way out is to maintain a balance between your health and your studying schedule. If you torment your health throughout the preparation, your mind may break down during the exam. Hence, take proper guidance from a coaching center to prepare for the ACCA exam in the most efficient manner. Zell Education has a team of professional faculties who will ease out the blocks that you have and will guide you through the syllabus. 

      Keep ample time to yourself for the preparation so that you do not get pressured. Complete your syllabus and then practice as much as possible to understand the exam pattern, and scoring pattern, and get better with time management. At the same time, take care of your physical and mental health. Achieving the ACCA certification is not your end goal. You have to travel a long way to achieve higher career goals with ACCA. So, you must have a healthy mind and body to fly high. 


      What is the most effective method of preparing for the ACCA exams?
      You must focus on the syllabus and should complete every topic. Pay special attention to weaker areas and practice lots of mock test papers. Getting guidance from a mentor is also one of the most effective methods of preparing for the ACCA paper.

      How long would it take to study for an ACCA exam?
      This will vary from candidate to candidate. While on average, it must take about 3 years to complete the whole syllabus and appear in the exams, some people may take even more time. If you are consistent in your studies, an ideal time of 8 hours a week is good enough to prepare for the ACCA exams.

      Can I study ACCA on my own?
      You can study on your own for the ACCA exams following the study guide. However, a mentor or a tutor can help you in many ways such as offering doubt-clearing sessions, offering feedback on your mock tests, and many more.

      Are questions repeated in ACCA exams?
      Usually, there is no exact repetition of questions in the ACCA paper. But if you have practiced enough mock test papers, you may find some question approaches familiar.


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