ACCA Work Experience: Your Path to ACCA Membership

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      ACCA Work Experience: Your Path to ACCA Membership

      Last Update On 16th April 2024
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      Just like every other professional accounting or finance course ACCA also requires mandatory work experience. This work experience is different from the articleship training that you need to complete while pursuing CA. For ACCA you need to complete 36 months/3 years of supervised experience in a finance or accounting firm. This experience needs to be related to the field of accounting and finance, which means you would be carrying out tasks like accounting, auditing, tax calculations, etc. Your experience also needs to have a mix of technical aspects of ACCA like insolvency and forensics. In this blog we will explore the ACCA work experience.

      The best part about the ACCA experience is that it offers the utmost flexibility to aspiring students. ACCA allows you to gain this experience while you are registering for the course, studying it, or even after you’ve completed the course. However, once you’ve completed the mandatory work experience, you need to get your experience letter signed by the supervisor to get an ACCA membership.

      ACCA Work Experience Process

      ACCA is a prestigious global qualification that’s accepted in more than 180 countries. To ensure that the candidates are prepared for all the global accounting challenges, the ACCA Global Institute has mandatory 36 months Practical Experience Requirement (PER). However, the organization offers certain flexibilities which are as follows:

      • The experience you gain should be in a relevant accounting and finance field 
      • You can work in any organization, be it an SME or an MNC, the size of your organization doesn’t matter.
      • The only thing that matters is that your ACCA work experience matches the course’s performance objectives.
      • You’ll have to complete a total of nine objectives out of which five would be performance and four would be technical objectives.
      • If the job/internship you’ve taken up includes finance and accounting activities then the time you’ve spent doing these activities can be claimed as your ACCA work experience.
      • In case only 50% of your time is spent doing finance and accounting activities in a span of a year, you can claim an experience of about six months.
      • When you apply for the ACCA membership, you need to record ‘My Experience’ in the percentage form.  You need to input the percentage spent on the finance and accounting activities and the time will be calculated on the platform automatically.

      Types Work Experience You Can Include in ACCA Work Experience

      Most students often end up asking if their ACCA lecturing experience is relevant? The answer to that is yes. Your coaching experience up to twelve months is counted in your Practical Experience Requirement. However, you need to keep in mind that your lecturing experience should at par with the Applied Skills examinations of the ACCA course. And that it covers basic accounting, finance and business related subjects.

      Students also ask if their part-time or internship work experience is relevant for ACCA. Well, if the experience covers complex finance and accounting concepts and keeps up with the performance objectives then it is accepted by the ACCA university

      The ACCA qualification is recognized in over 180 countries including Canada, Singapore, and Australia. If you’ve made the decision to become a global CA and are contemplating your next move, we can help you take a step forward. Check out our Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) course to learn more.


      Can I do ACCA without A levels?
      Yes, you can do ACCA without A levels, but it’s best to complement your ACCA with a commerce-related graduation degree to get better job opportunities.How do I add my ACCA experience?
      To apply for membership, you’ll need to add your 3 years of ACCA experience. This experience can be gained through any part-time, internship or full time opportunity in the field of finance and accounting. However your experience should cover all ACCA PER performance objectives.

      Can I work in India after ACCA?
      Yes, you can work in India after completing your ACCA. There are many roles offered to ACCA’s in MNCs.


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